Camera in Android is about to get an update

According to the sources of our colleagues from Engadget, Google is testing a new camera app, which in the future will be in the drain “naked” Android. It is also expected that the application will be available in Google Play, which allows users to update it without having to upgrade the entire system.

The camera should get an updated interface, as well as a fix that will make the whole frame is entirely visible in the preview when the user takes a picture. Furthermore, we should expect the addition of field simulation mode shallow lens that will blur the background images. Such a function is already in smartphones like Sony Xperia Z2, Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8). Improvements are also waiting and the panorama function and of the photosphere, which can sew image resolution.

The report also says that Google plans to open the application code for third-party developers, which presumably will be able to create your own filters. It remains unclear whether Google will be limited only filters or give developers the ability to modify the actual functionality of the application.

This is not the first time before we hear rumors about improvements in the drain chamber Android. In November last year, we have already heard about the possible appearance in her support RAW and Burst. Not lost even in very recent memory, and information about the upcoming Android update , one of the dishes on the menu which will fix the camera power applications.

However, at the request of the source, the software is already being tested, and Google “will soon be ready to show what she was working on.” If you add a word about the fact that the application will be available in Google Play as an independent, it can be assumed that his update is waiting for us before the update of the Android.

For owners of the Nexus-party device drivers and fans – it is undoubtedly good news. And for everyone else – at least, a reason to try the photosphere. Well, while we wait for the emergence of applications in the store, please tell us what third-party applications you use the camera and why them.

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