Smart Fortwo Cabrio - a tiny convertible

Smart Fortwo Cabrio – a tiny convertible

Pretty funny car engineers have created Smart. The official presentation will take place a few days later – in Frankfurt. The novelty of tiny convertible called Fortwo Cabrio.

Feature of the tiny convertible from Smart

However, the developers could not resist and tell a little about the model before the event. If you believe them, the people are waiting for a miniature convertible.

Smart Fortwo Cabrio - a tiny convertible

The car is equipped with a soft-top convertible. The roof folds in 12 seconds – thanks to the electric drive.

Dimensions have Fortwo Cabrio as follows: 269 x 166 x 155 cm. As for the wheelbase, the corresponding figure is 187.3 cm.

There are many modifications – with a manual transmission 5 speeds and robotic. Another variable motor power V3 (depending on configuration). There is a base assembly 71 hp, as well as a version of the 90 hp

According to information on the network, it is realistic to disperse the convertible to 155 km / h.

Sales of the tiny convertible will start in February 2016. However, the most impatient can pre-order long before that date. Receipt of applications will begin in mid-November. In short, this tiny convertible is designed for small towns and a very active driving. Good luck on the road.

Source: geeky-gadgets

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