April Fools jokes from Google


On April nobody believe! With this in mind it is important to wake up to this day on the calendar, so you do not feel like a fool. Faith asked anyone wishing to circle you circle around your finger, starting from the white spin and untied shoelaces and pumping something interesting. And who does not like Google, delighting us every holiday original Dudley knows a lot about good joke?


Joke – it’s always laughter and fun, or, in other words, positive emotions. That Google and provide users with mobile version of Chrome browser to translate any English-language page on the language of emotions. Native Androidinsider.ru read as “rock records”, unfortunately, will not work, due to the fact that the codes for smileys traditionally are the words written in Latin. But maybe someone would facilitate understanding of foreign resources.


After studying the information on accessible, we can say the international language, it’s time to go on the hunt for Pokemon. Yes, Pokemon, so that you wonder? Pokemon that you never got caught?

Of course, nobody hunts without proper navigation. So let your Google-maps, Tapan search bar and then press the “Start” icon will appear with pokebola. Finding another wild beast, grab it and add to their armory.

Pokémon in Google MapsPokémon in Google MapsPokémon in Google Maps

Worldwide hiding 150 different species of Pokémon. Collect them all, promise to call in Google on the final round and won the final test will be pokemon-master of Google! Not the dusty job of work, it should be.


During the hunt for Pokemon, you have to “explore” the world and is likely to do a lot of cool images that are best kept in Photography Google+. After all, there is a cool feature “Avtokreativ”, which will make the pictures even steeper. Because any picture steeper if there’s David Hasselhoff! So when you take pictures, leave little room for David.

And do not forget to share with us the number of the captured Pokemon and photos with Hasselhoff in the comments!

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