Google Play Store: only 0.001% of apps have malware

Android applications are known as the most dangerous and infected the market, even as often stated by many researches. Unfortunately our beloved green robot is often the victim of viruses, malware and other threats that could infect our device, but these dangers could not reach directly from the official store of Android, since in the Google Play Store only 0.001% of the applications have malware.

Unfortunately and fortunately, Android is an open system and allows anyone to develop their own modifications and applications for the system, though not always made ​​in good faith.

That said, according to, would not be the Play Store the main danger. In fact, applications infected with malware in the store of Google there would be only the 0.001%. Practically nothing compared to approximately 900,000 apps available.

If the Play Store is the safest way to not get malware, undoubtedly the ability to install applications via external APK is the main way to stumble on these dangers. BUT not always the case, in fact, according to the study, of about 1.5 billion outdoor installations by Play Store, only 0.5% have actually infected users’ devices.

Of this small percentage, only 40% would be used apps to root or other modding. Another 40% of applications would be able to get hold of credentials, sensitive data and also money. The 15% is made ​​up of spyware for the remaining 5% consists of other types of malware.

That said, according to these percentages, run into a malware in Android applications is very rare, although other studies reveal the opposite. What and where would be the real dangers for our device?

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