iBuyPower has unveiled the first prototype Steam Machine


Earlier it was reported that the first version of Steam Machine from partner companies Valve, which will be available in mid-2014, will be shown during the CES 2014. iBuyPower has decided not to wait until January 2014, and show a prototype of such a system now.

According to Engadget, iBuyPower is preparing to release two versions of Steam Machine, under code names and Gordon Freeman. Unfortunately, the characteristics of new products is kept secret. However, we know that both models in tandem with any game on Steam can give stable 60 frames per second at a resolution of 1080p.


Recall, Valve still in early October revealed Steam Machine prototype specification and announced its intention to send 300 prototypes of its new gaming system Steam users for beta testing.


Resource The Verge notes that one of the models in the performance Steam Machine iBuyPower (at the moment it is not known what kind) will go on sale next year, priced at $ 499. At its core production configuration includes AMD, Radeon R9 270 video card and hard drive capacity of 500 GB. We also know that it comes complete with a game controller Steam Controller.

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