AOL plans to sell Microsoft’s Winamp

Earlier it was reported that AOL was going to stop the further development and support of multi-media player Winamp. Now New details about the future of many beloved player Winamp.

According to the resource TechCrunch , AOL is currently in talks over the sale of the player Winamp with Microsoft. The source notes that the company is currently in the early stages of negotiations, so do not rush to wishful thinking. It is also said that the subject of discussion is price.

If the acquisition will Winamp, Microsoft besides the player will get service online radio Shoutcast, created by Nullsoft, which AOL acquired in 1999, along with the rights to Winamp. Despite the fact that at the moment Shoutcast service continues to operate, it is reported that next week will be announced to close it.

Recently, the popularity Winamp has declined substantially, so it is quite difficult to explain to the player that is of interest on the part of the software giant. Perhaps Microsoft is planning to play on behalf of Winamp and stir in the memory of people have fond memories with a bang.

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