Google’s robots will help collect iPhone

To assemble the iPhone and other devices from Apple company Foxconn, which accrue to all orders using tens of thousands of workers. The leader of the Taiwanese company in August last year promised to replace humans on robots in the next three years. He will be able to fulfill the promise or not – time will tell, but he came to the aid of a powerful ally – the company Google.

The search giant has recently made ​​a number of acquisitions of robotics. Among the most high-profile acquisitions can be distinguished Boston Dynamics, which produced robots for the Pentagon. In Google is also working on an operating system for robots in manufacturing. It seems, Android still can justify its name.

According to the Wall Street Journal, chairman of Foxconn Terry Gou recently met with Andy Rubin from Google. The subject of the meeting was just the automation of production – namely, accelerating the introduction of robots. Both sides were satisfied with the conversation, and, apparently, manufacturing, Foxconn will not do without Google and its acquired companies.

We have previously mentioned that Google is running ahead of all with their innovations. In my opinion, the fact that the company is trying to influence not only on the consumer market, but also to make changes in production processes, says of her best side. Of course, lose a large number of people who will not work, but a positive impact on the devices that will be collected using the latest manufacturing technologies. «Designed by Apple in California, assembled by Google robots in China» – sounds strange, but it is more than real.

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