Divide and measure: income iTunes comparable profit Google search


We know that Apple – one of the solvency of the company, but we know how it is rich? Even if the manufacturer stopped selling gadgets, he still would have stayed afloat – iTunes would deter a company in the list of 130 most profitable companies. This opinion was expressed by analysts Asymco.

On a quarterly profit in the region of $ 7 billion iTunes ahead to Xerox, CBS, US Steel. And would make Google think. iTunes (along with all the services and applications) earns only half of what Google Search (search product of the Internet giant, one of the main sources of revenue for Google). The growth rate of profitability iTunes so high (34% per year), that two-fold advantage Google Search, as promised, will be short-lived.


If we consider separately from the App Store store music, movies and books, it appears that the company would fit on the 270 position in the rating. It’s not impressive because rivals will be much higher, but not upsetting because applications will attract in Cupertino $ 10 billion. Amount not only impressive, but also promising – compared with the previous year profit App Store grew by 105%. The likelihood that growth will continue, quite high.

Recall that Apple has been “dismantled for parts.” For example, last year the resource Businessweek calculated that if the company has been manufacturing only iPhone, it’ll be on the 9th position in the list of the richest. Profit in $ 88 billion would allow the vendor to circumvent Microsoft, Coca-Cola, McDonalds.

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