Apple TV: Tips and Tricks

It seems that Apple TV, a small set-top box to the TV with great features, is becoming more popular. Now many people buy or receive as a gift a small box, watch movies and TV shows, videos on YouTube, sports reports, but who knows what else. Here are some tips to owners of Apple TV, set-top box, they will help drive a little easier.

Just a list of tips from experience, maybe some of them are known to you. Nevertheless, Apple TV – pretty clever contraption, so why not harness the power of consoles to the fullest?

1. AirPlay via the cloud

Interesting trick works with any Apple TV, not only your own, such as when you are at a party. It’s simple. Enable the device running your iOS 7 “Show all music and videos” (Settings – Music). Further, in paragraph AirPlay in Notification Center to select the desired set-top box Apple. You can select any iTunes content on the shopping list, even if it is not loaded on your device, and play it on Apple TV, just prefix authorized for playback in your account iTunes Store . Download this content on your device is not required.

2. Sleep

You can easily plunge the set top box in a dream, it happens instantly, if you press and hold the Play / Pause button on the Apple Remote from the main menu. Moreover, this advice is combined with another excellent – press and hold the Menu, to quickly get to the main menu.

3. Hide unused applications

Coming in from the uncomplicated way in Settings – General – Restrictions, you can hide any unused applications you by removing distractions and unwanted icons from the main screen interface Apple TV. For example, you hardly need a Korean TV or subscription NHL, so get rid of annoying and distracting icons worth. To activate the “Restrictions” to enter a password, I advise you to use “0000”, not to forget.

4. “Roll iCloud” as a screensaver

Adjust the “camera roll iCloud” one of the portable devices Apple, then set it as the source for the screensaver settings in Apple TV. Adding photos to “camera roll”, you will soon see them on the screen saver on your TV. However, there is a slight delay, but nonetheless it works.

5. Remote control capabilities

Few people know that Apple set-top box can be controlled by any remote control, not just aluminum Apple Remote, comes complete with an attachment. Setup procedure is described in detail in one of the instructions on the Apple website: “Apple TV: Remote control operation of a third party” . In the end, just set your iPhone or iPad app Remote from the App Store – it copes with the task of managing Apple TV.

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