Blinky.Shoes - custom LED strips for shoes

Blinky.Shoes – custom LED strips for shoes

If your favorite shoes or boots are bored, you can decorate them a little bit. With what? It is suitable Blinky.Shoes.

It’s quite a curious LED strips for shoes. They are colorful and are attached to the Velcro shoe.

Moreover, the LED strips for shoes are equipped with an accelerometer. The faster and “more” steps, the brighter the light. Especially it looks great in the dark.

Features of LED strips for shoes

The power supply uses built-in battery 2600 mAh (Li-ion). Charging the battery from any active port USB.

Blinky.Shoes - custom LED strips for shoes

In addition, the interface serves for reprogramming. You can completely customize Blinky.Shoes “for themselves.” One minus – for the above, requires familiarity with the board Arduino.

Now the authors raise funds for a mass production prototype. The release is expected in November this year. Pre-orders are accepted on the site Kickstarter.

The price of LED strips for shoes is $ 55.

Source: slashgear

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