Type YT202-EV: bmw electric truck

Type YT202-EV: BMW electric truck

For all electric cars have become accustomed. And what about the BMW electric truck on the corresponding drawn? BMW has decided to prove that such vehicles make sense.

With the assistance of the famous group was created unusual 40-ton model. It is called Type YT202-EV and is already being tested on public roads.

One charge is enough for a car 100 kilometers. Over time, she carries up to 32 tons.

Interesting abilities of BMW electric truck

Type YT202-EV: bmw electric truck

The internal power supply is restored quickly enough – 4 hours. A decent result.

It is assumed that Type YT202-EV can help eliminate the use of diesel trucks. With a natural reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere – 11.8 tons of carbon dioxide a year.

Electric van developed by Dutch engineers from Terberg. At the moment, the new supplies components factory in Munich BMW. Processing takes place in a logistic center Scherm Group, located 2 km from the property.

Commercial operation BMW electric truck will begin when the completed prototype testing.

Source: gizmag

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Look a video from russian roads:

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