IPod Creator joined the Google


Name Tony Fadell, which 13 years ago was associated with the appearance of iPod, and has recently become associated with smart thermostats and smoke detectors, will now be inscribed in the tablets by Google.

The search giant has officially confirmed information about purchasing startup Nest Labs, Fadell founded in 2010. According to Larry Page, Google appearance in the family of the company will create a technology that will make our homes more comfortable and modern.

The head of Google assured that Nest structure will not change, and the company that goes into the status of the structural unit of search engine will continue to operate under the Fadell.

In the history of Apple , Tony Fadell will remain as a man who once designed the structure and the basic principles of interface iPod. From 2006 to 2008 he headed the corresponding division of the company and engaged in the development and improvement of the gadget. Fadell left Apple out in November 2008.

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