HP Envy 15-k051sr review - touch estate of America

HP Envy 15-k051sr review – touch estate of America

HP Envy 15-k051sr review - touch estate of America

This notebook is hardly suitable for very demanding games or highly professional work, his level is closer to the average or slightly above, however specifications HP Envy 15-k051sr review promising, touch screen offers great opportunities, premium appearance is impressive, the price… But the price should not be an obstacle for his purchase, because the price marked $ 1,000, has long been no shocking.

Design – HP Envy 15-k051sr review

Silver body color soon probably become hallmark of HP, but with each new device he is not bored, on the contrary, in most cases, emphasizes the advantages and features of the exterior. In the HP Envy 15-k051sr review design individuality is not so much, but the individual attention they deserve.

HP Envy 15-k051sr review - touch estate of America

Against the background of the modern trend of “thinness” of laptops, HP Envy 15-k051sr review looks pretty well-fed. Here too there is a sharp narrowing of the wedge body, but slightly beveled front corner of the sidewalls slightly conceals thickness 2.81 cm. The length and depth of the device are 38.5 cm and 26 cm, respectively, weight – 2.74 kg.

HP Envy 15-k051sr review - touch estate of America

For housing used sufficiently durable plastic silver. Even here unconventionally bottom gray, except for a thin black stripe by a removable battery pack. Laptop lid slightly less than half a second, and loop unusually long, but it looks very good, especially when the laptop is open. In the middle of the lid is a company logo in mirror design.

HP Envy 15-k051sr review - touch estate of America

On the bottom, too plastic, there are plenty of ventilation grilles, fixing screws. Battery compartment is adjacent to two sliders, and are located at the corners of the surface of the four rubber feet. A little to the side from the center you can see the brand logo of the speaker Beats Audio, original hiding subwoofer.

Display, sound and webcam – HP Envy 15-k051sr review

The combination of the 15.6-inch diagonal display with Full HD resolution to date is winning, and if in our laptop was not TN, and IPS-panel, for sure, his reputation would only increase. But, alas, will be faced with the typical shortcomings of TN-matrix – small viewing angles and color reproduction is not the best. In addition to this, in the HP Envy 15-k051sr review worth noting low contrast. But the brightness of the stock is very good, it will allow you to work comfortably in bright light or outdoors.

HP Envy 15-k051sr review - touch estate of America

A significant advantage of this HP Envy 15-k051sr review is that the touch screen coating, which, incidentally, is very fast and offers the user comfortable and good governance. Here are just a gloss display is even inclined to preserve fingerprints that brings a huge portion of inconvenience. And by the way, other modifications of the laptop on sale are not provided, so that will have to be content with much to offer.

HP Envy 15-k051sr review - touch estate of America

Speakers in a laptop two and they are located under the perforated grid above the keyboard. At the bottom, under the logo Beats Audio is a subwoofer that delivers improved low frequency reproduction. Actually, oddly enough, the sound quality in the HP Envy 15-k051sr review average, and this is surprising, because the presence of Beats Audio technology generally promising. On average range still all right, but on the high observed some overvoltage sound system, and even on the bass close to real sound, however.

HP Envy 15-k051sr review - touch estate of America

HD-webcam notebook is designed for video, with which she excels. Webcam located on the frame of the display with LED indicator and two built-in microphones for sound recording.

Keyboard and Touchpad – HP Envy 15-k051sr review

Keyboard laptop island type, with additional digital. Keys up and down combined and it can cause a fair claims by some users. There are lights in white, though she single-level, but it is extremely useful to use the laptop in the dark. When operating buttons virtually no noise, they have a middle course and comfortable when pressed.

HP Envy 15-k051sr review - touch estate of America

In the upper left corner of the work surface is a button on your notebook, it elongated shape and is equipped with LED indicator.

To the left of the touchpad is a biometric sensor that works associated with the program HP SimplePass. Thus, you will be able to log in using the password as a fingerprint.

HP Envy 15-k051sr review - touch estate of America

Touchpad in the HP Envy 15-k051sr review special – a patented HP Control Zone, which has a unique design and functionality. One is struck by the unusual width of the touch area; it is too narrow and elongated to resemble a standard touchpad. The side surfaces are uneven structure, whereas the center is absolutely smooth. HP Control Zone is designed specifically for the management of Windows 8, and supports a number of typical gestures, for example, if you touch the center of the left rough zone displays open applications, right – menu appears Charms. With regard to the sensitivity and speed of the Touchpad as a whole, there is simply no complaints, it works quickly and smoothly.

Productivity – HP Envy 15-k051sr review

HP Envy 15-k051sr review (G7X78EA) runs under Windows 8.1 64-bit. As for the filling, in this configuration provides a fairly powerful processor Intel Core i7-4510U (Haswell) with two cores and 4 MB cache in the third level, low-power and sufficient resources to carry multimedia and office tasks. It operates at a frequency of 2 GHz to 3.1 GHz (support JavaScript Turbo Boost) and has a TDP of 15 watts. According to the level of performance Core i7-4510U can “compete” with the Core i7-3667U – CPU with the same clock speed, but related to the previous generation processor Ivy Bridge.

HP Envy 15-k051sr review - touch estate of America

Integrated graphics card Intel HD Graphics 4400 for simple graphics tasks uses 20 actuators and frequency of 200-1000 MHz. It refers to the 22-nm generation Haswell, equipped with support for DirectX 11.1, Quick Sync, 4K decoder and is comparable in power to the graphics AMD Radeon HD 7610M.

In the HP Envy 15-k051sr review found its use and a discrete graphics card – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850M . It was announced in March 2014, and, being built on a new architecture Maxwell, offers good resources for games and various graphics applications. The operating frequency of the adapter reaches 876 MHz, the maximum amount of video memory 4 GB standard GDDR5. However GTX 850M has a relatively low level of computing power, so some of the most demanding games, will require reducing the screen resolution or settings. At the same time, with Full HD and high graphics settings will Wolfenstein: The New Order (2014) of 30 fps and the GRID: Autosport (2014) is even better – with a frequency above 50 fps. Good potential for this laptop, as HP Envy 15-k051sr.

The laptop has 8 GB of RAM standard DDR3L-1600 MHz – the best option today. To store the information offered 1TB HDD with a spindle speed of 5400 rev / min and 8 GB SSD as a cache. This is a good combination for a universally-office laptop HP Envy 15-k051sr review.

Ports and Communications – HP Envy 15-k051sr review

In the matter of equipment connectors HP Envy 15-k051sr review is a practical solution – everything is here for work and leisure. On the right are combined audio port, a pair of LEDs (power and hard drive activity), one USB 3.0, unmarked blue, Kensington Lock and DVD-RW.

HP Envy 15-k051sr review - touch estate of America

On the left side of the picture is more varied: power connector, accompanied by the indicator, RJ-45, HDMI, a pair of USB 3.0 (one is used for charging), card reader for memory cards SD, as well as ventilation holes.

HP Envy 15-k051sr review - touch estate of America

Wireless communications are presented Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n and Bluetooth 4.0. Also has a sensor – an accelerometer, which is likely to play an important role in the protection scheme of the hard disk when the fall of the notebook HP Envy 15-k051sr reviews.

Battery – HP Envy 15-k051sr review

Despite the relatively low battery capacity, for a 15.6-inch laptop with a touch screen – 41 in four Wh lithium-ion sections autonomy HP Envy 15-k051sr review should be good through energy-efficient processor. For example, surfing on the Internet will take about four hours of battery life, watching movies a little over two, well, at maximum load the laptop will last without rosettes little over an hour.

Conclusion – HP Envy 15-k051sr review

Considering all the features of HP Envy 15-k051sr review, we can conclude that it is good fit for both work and entertainment. It is unfortunate that for users who appreciate high-class image, it can become a bad acquisition, since the resources of the matrix, albeit with a touch coating, leave much to be desired. However, comfortable keyboard and touchpad optimized, presence of actuator assembly quality, materials and appearance, as well as the fingerprint sensor (nice and useful function), balanced iron and autonomy allowed considering this laptop to buy. In general, HP would do well to pay attention to the poor quality of the display in the sample, since everything else at “tiptop”.

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