Review curved 4K TV Sony KD-65S9005B: Overtaking competitors

Review curved 4K TV Sony KD-65S9005B: Overtaking competitors

Review curved 4K TV Sony KD-65S9005B: Overtaking competitors

Even ardent supporters of the idea of TV screens with curved know how much depends on the viewing angle. When properly positioned, it will be impossible not to admire the full effect of immersion that is created because the picture around you; but sit further from the center or from the TV – and any effect will be lost, or the image will be severely distorted.

Sony is aware of this; but she also understands how highly the market seductive curves. The curvature of the screen of her new TV less than most competitors; the resulting image is the same “absorbs” the viewer, but the distance and angle of view are less affected.

We are not quite sure that this idea has worked adequately. At normal viewing distance curvature is almost invisible, the screen is not very different from that of a conventional flat TV. Wider viewing angle than most other models, but it’s hard to say what the reason – exactly matched the curvature or a high quality panel. KD-65S9005B can not boast of ultra-low thickness or narrow frame, such as the main competitor – Samsung UE65U8500. But he is very good-looking; smooth roundness of the screen stylishly combined with non-acute ends, decisively distinguishing it from a wedge-shaped design KD-65X9005B – another model of Sony.

Convex sections at the ends of the TV – in fact sets of speakers, and should talk about them separately. This is the first TV Sony, capable of processing the signal in Dolby Digital and DTS directly, without lowering the sampling frequency. Built-in 4.2-channel system creates a virtual surround sound. When you select the surround mode, about the middle of each end of a small strip of light illuminates. If they interfere with the viewing, you can disable them – the sound is noticeably larger scale, so that it is impossible to make a mistake. Of course, it is not so realistic, like a multi-channel DC and even upscale soundbar Yamaha, but for such a convenient and compact solution is incredibly complete, powerful and energetic, dialogues clearly audible in the center.

Review curved 4K TV Sony KD-65S9005B: Overtaking competitors

So, everything is fine with the sound; how about a picture? Of course, the first thing we went to the section 4K on Netflix – is still too scarce. The series “House of Cards” is simply amazing; high resolution picture gives depth and highly detailed.

Clarity KD-65S9005B slightly inferior to other strongest 4K-models, but if you look closely, you’ll find that much of a difference there is in the details. But Sony has the advantage with respect to contrast and balance of colors. Extremely dynamic image combines extremely deep black color with bright white and energetic; rich color palette makes the picture alive and vibrant, but it is quite realistic. Next to him, many of its competitors seem to be boring and gray. After the content in 4K end (and it will happen in a few hours), it is logical to switch to the next on the quality of the material – Blu-ray-discs. Like all 4K-TV, KD-65S9005B forced scaled to match the size of the matrix in 3840 × 2160 pixels image even in 1080p, and it is perfectly possible. Contrast and colorful palette is equally great; perhaps the darkest objects worked out somewhat worse than the competition, but the black color saturation is much higher, while it does not reduce the vigor and vitality of the image, but also makes it a little darker – especially landscapes of the trilogy “The Lord of the Rings.”

Review curved 4K TV Sony KD-65S9005B: Overtaking competitors

Motion processing has always been a strong point of the models Sony, and here she is also at a high level. Fast moving – clear and controlled, long spans camera – smooth and mostly distinct (only for horizontal movements picture sometimes slightly blurred).

You can quench your thirst HD-material with built-in digital and satellite tuners, or connect the recorder, which can be controlled from the remote Sony; quality in any case is excellent. Colorful interiors BBC Breakfast TV shows are energetic enough to chase a dream.

In the end, have to go down to the content in standard definition, which is always annoying because 4K-TV have to spend a lot of effort on the scaling of the ancient format. However, Sony is good in this: thin and straight contours tremble slightly, but the picture – clean and colorful. In any case we recommend that whenever possible to avoid SD, but at least you will not be disappointed.

The same can be said about 3D. It is not known how many of the interesting viewing 3D-films at home, but we like that even with the basic settings KD-65S9005B provides high quality and excellent balance between the depth of the image and comfort to the eyes of viewers.

Review curved 4K TV Sony KD-65S9005B: Overtaking competitors

In addition, at Sony made sure to make TV more user friendly. The “Opening» (Discover) provides quick access to content; calling it by clicking on the touchpad mini remote control or by pressing a button on a standard remote control, you will see a list of available materials at the bottom of the screen. It could be a TV program currently being broadcast, on-demand content, recently added to the Video Unlimited service or BBC iPlayer, Zoomby or recently recorded your transmission. The system requires fine-tuning – it is not enough personal recommendations and no content from Netflix, even if you are logged in – but the transition to the desired source is much easier and faster than most competitors.

Experienced users will be glad to know that Sony TV can automatically select the correct picture mode (“stage”) for a given source.

Review curved 4K TV Sony KD-65S9005B: Overtaking competitors

Turn on the TV – and it will select “General”, switch to a game console PS4 – and the TV goes into “Games”, run the Blu-ray-disc (even on PS4) – and “Scene” will change to “Cinema”. They can be adjusted; Spend time once the calibration and the system will work just fine on its own. In comparison with the TV Samsung, whose regime “Games” is hidden somewhere in the third sub-nesting level and away from the other picture settings, the system modes in Sony – just the top of consistency.

Thought-out interface and high quality images – the main advantages of KD-65S9005B. Curved screen – it’s just beautiful packaging magnificent TV.

Price: $ 4300

Rating: 5

PROS: Stunning detail, contrast and color; quick access to content; style

CONS: The curved screen is not so required; price

VERDICT: more stylish, smart and quality than many 4K-TV

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