ARMA 3: designer for adults

To say that in 2001, Bohemia Interactive has created a military simulator, is not entirely true. At that moment, the Czechs themselves hardly knew exactly what they were able to create, but Operation Flashpoint became the founder of a series of designers with whom the audience can do anything that she would come to mind. Nothing scared then – nor the complexity of management, nor the strange behavior of bots or memory footprint.

The audience of the series Operation Flashpoint (and after – and ARMA) is not a big name. Too complex and slow modern amateur shooters seem like gameplay. Most of the “interested” screen out after consulting with the management or bugs. The second category could pass single-player campaign and indulge in a few days on public servers. But part of a sunburnt eyes remained here a very long time. Among the audience of regular players often not just the last military routine, but people with real experience of combat operations. And so there were a group of enthusiasts who have created a new territory, model vehicles, game modes, realistic shape and parameters of the weapons, and much, much more.

Community ARMA, perhaps, one of the most prolific and effective – they managed to make the game more interesting, more varied, more realistic. Platform, not a game. Subsequently, there were regimes that are difficult to fit into the original definition of “military simulator.” Suffice it to recall the sensational recently DayZ mod or a server with the prefix Life, where players on the various islands in the literal sense of living – buying real estate, engaged in resource extraction and trade in textiles and manufacturing techniques. Naturally, the “outside” of all this activity is not visible and can be seen only after penetration into the community. Therefore the majority and stops at pablik servers where there is chaos and lawlessness.

It’s a long, someone thought it unnecessary entry is necessary in order to impress anyone who discovers the world of ARMA – it’s not a game in its purest form. No one here will bring pleasure on a platter, the scripts will not be led by terrorists stuffed back streets, and in the end did not take a beautiful helicopter, where you’ll have to jump at the last moment with a burning snowmobile. This is a virtual world with a flying, driving and floating equipment, plenty of room and great complexity.

Special attention is always given to the territories of ARMA, the so-called “islands”. Familiar to many from DayZ Chernarus has given way to the island in the Mediterranean, which was named Altis. The prototype served as a Greek Lemnos, but due to difficulties with the Greek authorities on this title in Bohemia decided to give up. Unlike Chernarus this island seems too empty and plain. No lush hills of Eastern forests and swamps, all around the field, a brownish-gray color and an abundance of open countryside. And while places for fortifications, ambushes and secretive approach here is full, at first Altis frustrating. The only thing no complaints – realistic landscapes. Sunrises and sunsets, mist, changing weather and stunning underwater world – all made with the soul and looks excellent. Several more or less large towns with small houses, fortified military base, the various WFP and many interesting places with monuments, architectural oddities and attractions. One of the missions made in Bohemia just involves a guided tour of the players on the Altis. At the airport, waiting for equipment, and the labels are placed on the map with points of interest – I recommend.

Access to ARMA 3 was opened from the alpha version. At the time there was no Altis, players are offered a frolic on a relatively small Stratis, who get bored pretty quickly. What a difference 270 square kilometers Altis, where a compass, map or GPS can be lost in five minutes.

Since the release of the beta has begun active commissioning of the various elements of gameplay, and the release of the main island of the technology. This input is still ongoing, and the main shortcoming of the current, already published in the sale of versions – no story campaign. While here I wriggling soul – it can be considered a disadvantage for those who take the ARMA 3 for a single game. The primary audience of the game actually did not care about the campaign and everything connected with it – she needed was an island, functional editor and the ability to create modifications. All these fans got.

Much more difficult was the infantry, technique, and in general – campaign setting. Popular game that allowed gamers around the world to organize a virtual military units, work out tactics and possession of various types of vehicles and small arms, suddenly showed them the fig. Huge fig in the form of a futuristic setting. This turn in the minds of developers from Bohemia hardly anyone can clearly explain, but in ARMA 3 seasoned warriors met strange armored vehicles, such as helicopters and incomprehensible even more suspicious rifle. Special terror strikes tank, equipped with a likeness of railgun, but it still has not been seen.

This whole circus troupe travels extremely fast, very far away and shoots well see – thermal imagers except that rabbits are not distributed. The only explanation for this turn – a strong desire to attract less fixated on military equipment audience. They say that sooner or later the fans themselves “gash» M1A1 Abrams or “Shilka” with ZU-23, and the need to attract newcomers now. In a sense, the approach can and correct, but it is significantly delayed the transition to a new audience of ARMA. The bulk of the fans looked on obscenity slanting eyes, sat on flaky BTR-70, and, sighing, went in the direction of ELEKTROZAVODSKAYA. As for the newcomers, they also suggest that while nothing special. The promised “October” campaign announced on the 31st, and it is only the first of three episodes. The series is likely to be lengthy. And yet bought the game are invited to consider a small number of single tasks to show the possibilities of ARMA 3, or take advantage of the work of people who are already navayal a lot of different missions of the plan. Make it a 3 ARMA has become easier as the game supports Steam Workshop.

It was expected that some of the features of the game perekochuyut fashion Advanced Combat Environment, which is one of the most popular for a previous version of ARMA. Fractures, various bandages, morphine, and epinephrine – all this yet, but the damage are treated in the game banal first aid kit. But the mechanics of movement of players has undergone significant changes. Start with the fact that in addition to the three positions (standing, sitting and lying), a host of intermediate, which seriously facilitate covert promotion and shooting behind cover different heights. But most importantly – the ability to shoot on the go. The main crutch that prevented proper conduct sweeps of buildings lost, the battles have become more dynamic and realistic.

Seriously interface has changed uniforms, and modification of weapons. And if in the ARMA 2 to change the sights had to use modifications, here muffler or optics installation takes only a few seconds. Has expanded the functionality of clothes – webbed and backpacks you can write additional grenades and shops, and instead of “slots” appeared slider required. Furthermore, implemented dressing that will bring a lot of headaches in the fields of virtual battles. However, the shape of the U.S. soldiers and Iran (belligerents in ARMA 3) in Bohemia a little too clever by half – too similar and made camouflage uniforms, especially from a distance. And as for the divers and say nothing – a meeting of two opposing divisions under water may end completely unpredictable, as green spots on a black suit, no one will look.

At the core of ARMA 3 – the same engine Real Virtuality, only version 4. This means that the game will be familiar on the part of the interface and control everyone who has already played in the ARMA 2 or even Take On Helicopters. Involved most of the keyboards, special greetings to want to convey to the person who decided the good old button G, which for many years now opens the inventory fighter override the default on a throw grenades. Well, actually, Marek fire this idiot on his conscience for hundreds, perhaps, death.

Unfortunately, the same applies to artificial intelligence – both rivals and allied troops. Management department remained the same as the behavior of the soldiers, who can not make appropriate decisions, to treat injured or fall back in case of an overwhelming enemy fire. And if the mission of the death of one of the boats is critical to its performance, the result will be difficult to achieve. Fair to say that the AI ​​was always so devoid of intelligence and allies in this game is perceived as an aid, not capable of independent action. They can be prescribed sequence of actions to specify the landing site or ask a travel route, make fire, or vice versa – ordered not to open fire, sit in a particular type of technology, but of something more they were never able to.

The large scale of ARMA 3 also affect the system requirements. Part players who have difficulties with game performance, compare it with the usual shooters in recent years, where the range of drawing and territories many times less. Here the visibility of 10 km can make even the most die modern computer. Another thing that display such characteristics – silly and completely unnecessary.

In general scold ARMA 3 is difficult because of the specific project, but also to recommend it to the acquisition of all – also impossible. It’s a platform, a designer who will work in six months, maybe a year. For those unfamiliar with the specifics of the game will be interesting with the release of all three episodes of the campaign, and the fans will have to wait longer until the authors of the popular modifications will not release newer versions. Most of the core-audience already purchased the game, but postponed it until better times, when there will be a form of camouflage and modern armies, will be a modern technique with realistic parameters of booking and damage. The life cycle of the game from the series ARMA – not one or two years, so before we box of crayons. What we draw, then turn out.

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