Take on Mars – Mars rover simulator from Bohemia Interactive

Bohemia Interactive, the authors of the hardcore military simulation Operation Flashpoint and ArmA, launched in 2011, a series of simulation technique called Take On. The first project was the Take On Helicopters , dedicated to the management of rescue helicopters in Seattle. The second game will be called Take on Mars and will allow gamers to control the Martian rovers and the landing vehicles.

The project simulates the real parts of the Martian surface, including craters Victoria, Kaiser and Gail. Each “level” is 4 by 4 km. Built on a new game Enforce engine (used in Carrier Command: Gaea Mission) instead of the traditional Bohemia Interactive engine Real Virtuality.

The game is due out in the third quarter of 2013 on the PC.

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Look a video from russian roads:

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