FIFA 14 Review: well, very heavy ball

Football game FIFA 14 on a new engine Ignite Engine will be released in November and exclusively on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In the meantime, we offer you to get acquainted with the more simple in terms of graphics, the PC version of FIFA 14. Fortunately, compared to last year’s release, it looks fresh and interesting.

Each year, the developers promise a football simulator FIFA mass of innovations in the gameplay. So this time the official game website is full of rhetoric: impeccable blow, ball control, speed dribbling, etc. But the problem is that the active use of all these charms are only pro-gamers. The rank and file as a virtual football fans tend to operate on a primitive, but effective scheme of “pass-pass-kick.”

But the differences between the physical model of FIFA 14 from last year’s version is hard to miss: the players do not roll around on the field, like skaters, and sweep into subcategories everything in its path. But the main innovation was noticeably potyazhelevshy ball, which is run from a distance like a bullet from a gun does not work. In this regard, FIFA 14, like last year’s Pro Evolution Soccer. So if you have decided to change the football game from Konami for the brainchild of EA, the transition will be almost painless.

Heavy ball does not allow players like Theo Walcott, who in FIFA 13, remember, had a speed of 96 out of 100, to be dispersed in full force. Now we have to connect the tactical thinking rather than knock the ball away forward, hoping for a quick on his attack. Online games with a final score of 7:5 or 6:6, more reminiscent of futsal in the past.

However, long time series of FIFA positioned as an arcade football game, as opposed to a hardcore PES. It is a relatively low barrier to entry and an abundance of entertainment, though not always realistic, dangerous moments at the gate FIFA loved by millions of players around the world. Users running game is not often unlikely to be happy fallen tempo of matches in FIFA 14, meanly bounce off the legs at the time of receiving a pass ball and, at first glance, boring “head-butting” in the center of the field.

Grievance also have experienced players who have dedicated multiplayer FIFA 13, hundreds of hours of their time. In FIFA 14 you can all match besiege the opponent, but because of bad luck never score, but at the last minute to skip offensive goal on the counterattack. Here is such a football injustice …

After getting acquainted with the demo version of FIFA 14, there were serious concerns about the “cheat” headers. Masters of the game on the “second floor” like Zlatan Ibrahimovic almost scored with an absolute guarantee flanking his head after a pass or a corner. Fortunately, the final version of the game has not inherited this problem.

Inseparable duo virtual commentators who voiced Vasily Solovyov and Yuri Rozanov seems niskolechko not wised up. At the beginning of the match for the London “Chelsea” they already overexposed again tell the story of the stadium “Stamford Bridge”, which, according to an old legend, buried great treasures. Of new replicas except unfunny joke, “It’s him!” (When the ball Cameroonian Samuel Eto’o). And in one of the matches of commentators have stated with certainty that the ball away for a corner, but it caught the keeper without a problem.

Game modes in FIFA 14 in the majority of the old and familiar. There are fast matches with the AI ​​for those who want to have fun for a minimum of time. There are off-line career coach and player, where you have to bring to the championship title really existing club or created from scratch player. There are online seasons, where the role of the opponent’s serve randomly selected players. Of course, have not gone away friendlies: to play with a friend, to send him an invitation through the service Origin.

The new game mode is, in fact, only one – the seasons of playing together. These are the same online campaigns, but to play for the selected team will have a couple of other against the very same tandem of two people. Played in coop seasons fresh and fun, especially when rivals are the one experienced and the other not, the players. For example, the first encircles the other half of your team is rolling out the ball “on a silver platter” partner in the yard away from the gate, and one confusing buttons and hitting the canopy, sending the ball over the bar.

We would like to mention the mode of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team, which many players have, in truth, do not like, first of all focus on in-game purchases. But, as experience has shown, having a more or less decent experience, play Ultimate Team is interesting even without any additional investment.

In fact, Ultimate Team is the online equivalent of a career coach. At first, you are given a “bronze” team player level 60. For each, even lost match is charged a certain amount of coins that can be spent on buying new, is “gold” players.

To earn more coins, you try to score in the match more than three goals, and thus to leave the gate “dry.” In addition to the players buy cards will be renewed, treatment and physical training, and the coaching staff, forms, posters, balls and stadiums.

That contract extension cards for many who have tried to play Ultimate Team became a stumbling block. The fact that won the match for the given order of 500 coins and is exactly the same card at the auction contract for ten matches for “gold” football player. And after all the money earned so eager to spend on new players …

In fact, the business model of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team is extremely simple: the money earned for the match should be spent solely on the card contracts, and the prize for the completed ten matches of the season – is to buy players. Only in this case, your virtual club will be able to comply with the rules, “Financial Fair-play.”

There is a lot of little tricks: for example, to buy in the store Ultimate Team «bronze» packs of cards for 400 coins. And then sell them cards found in contracts and physical training (at least four pieces in a pack) at an auction of 200 and 300 coins respectively. We get one of “bronze” packs profit of 500 coins. Painstaking work, but it was too addictive. Especially because in FIFA 14 in the “bronze” packages can be caught not only the players at 80, but also especially valuable Romanian striker Yannis Zeke (finter five-star skills).

Overall, FIFA 14 looks pretty cool against last year’s version. The focus now is not on the rate of reaction gamer and skills of individual players, and tactical thinking and team play. In addition, for the first time in the history of the FIFA series in the game officially launched Ukrainian football club – Donetsk “Shakhtar”. But fans of “Dinamo”, “Metalist”, “Dnepr” and other clubs FDA developers EA again lack attention.

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