AppleCare for Apple Watch Edition will cost you $ 1,000

AppleCare for Apple Watch Edition will cost you $ 1,000

AppleCare for Apple Watch Edition will cost you $ 1,000

The company Vertu, a former division of Nokia, was at some point the best option for anyone who wants to spend tens of thousands of dollars for a ridiculously ostentatious and quickly outdated personal electronics. You do not just buy midrange Android-phone, covered with leather, gold, and precious stones. You have access to such things as 24-hour concierge service, exclusive access to cultural events, unique ringtones recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra.

Apple has it’s different. Golden Apple Watch Edition, the minimum value of $ 10,000, will not offer you these options. Instead of a personal manager buyers this watch collection will only get a dedicated line in the cash area retail stores Apple. Clients of the company will have to spend a whole hour to get acquainted with the device in the company of an expert. Fortunately, portal 9to5mac reports that buyers of luxury watches will be able to demonstrate their status, received an additional year of technical support (to position 2 years) and repair for indecent cost $ 999.

In fact, free support Apple Watch Edition better than the support of many of our products Apple, including other watch collection. It includes two years of AppleCare while other owners of Mac Pro computer only receive a one year warranty and 90 days of telephone support. Subscribe to AppleCare + for $ 999 will increase the warranty on Apple Watch Edition 3 years. Portal 9to5mac notes that Apple has an interesting way calculates the cost of guarantees for different products. Thus, the cost of 3 year warranty base model Mac Pro, which will cost you $ 3,000, is only $ 249.

Source: TheVerge

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