Future versions of Motorola personalization


The number of new smartphones regularly provided by manufacturers, is growing almost exponentially. It is not surprising: first, to satisfy each customer, regardless of the thickness of his wallet and tastes, and secondly, to win market share. However, almost every new device peculiar presence of one defect which can be formulated in two words, namely “bad personalization.” Indeed, most manufacturers provide a pretty poor choice in color design of their devices, most often the user is free to choose between black and white version of the device. Whatever it was, CEO of Motorola told about the coming revolution in the personalization of smart phones, which, of course, not limited to a choice of one color only.

First of all, it is worth recalling that the American company has previously attempted to do something similar. Together with the presentation of the new flagship Moto X, an overview of which, incidentally, can be admired here , Motorola executives also talked about the so-called draft MotoMaker. Over the last word hidden service, with which you can realize their unique vision of the color palette of the smartphone. Selecting one of multiple options, the front and rear parts, as well as the volume keys and camera rim hardly leave anyone indifferent. Also, some time ago, Motorola has made it possible to use wooden back covers. 


Unfortunately, this service is currently only works in the U.S., but because the waiting time of its launch in Russia can pass for acquaintance with new ideas engineers.

Dennis Woodside (Dennis Woodside), CEO of Motorola, shared the company’s plans to expand the possibilities of personalization. According to his statement, as early as next year, the company can provide a choice of screen size is the same smartphone. In addition, Woodside also mentioned about the theoretical possibility of changing the internal characteristics of users. What kind of performance can be modified as desired – is unknown, but most experts believe that it is the amount of system memory. 


Importance of such innovations is difficult to underestimate. I’m sure many people at one time refused to purchase a favorite model just because of inappropriate size of its screen. Henceforth, we can safely say that this problem will soon become part of history.

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