Apple told the details of Touch ID

This month, Apple released an updated version of the document «iOS Security». The text of the document in detail familiarized employees TechCrunch, who discovered several previously popup parts of Touch ID . The document describes the coprocessor on-chip Apple A7, which is responsible for mapping the read fingerprints to those already in the database. Element has been named “Protected Enclave” (Secure Enclave).

If you believe Apple, then the chance of accidental coincidence of one registered owner’s fingerprint to the read another user’s fingerprint – 1 to 50,000. It turns out that the situation in which a stranger will pass authentication on your iPhone, almost impossible if data prints are safe. It is in charge for “Protected Enclave.”

Each “protected enclaves” in the manufacturing process is assigned a UID (unique identifier), which is not available to other parts of the system, and unknown Apple. During start-up device is formed by an ephemeral key that is associated with the UID, and is used for encrypting the portion of memory that belongs to “Secure Enclave.”

Certainly users iPhone 5s have noticed that you can not always pass authentication using Touch ID. Sometimes smartphone requires a password. Here are cases in which it occurs:

Password can be used instead of the Touch ID at any time, and it still required in these cases:

– IPhone 5s had just been turned on, or rebooted
– IPhone 5s is not enabled more than 48 hours
– After five unsuccessful attempts to reconcile print
– When setting Touch ID and adding new prints
– IPhone 5s received a command to remotely lock

If you are interested in more details about the safety iOS, you can familiarize yourself with the document . Personally, I read it once again proved that my fingers are in safe hands. Is the situation with fingerprint sensor in the Samsung Galaxy S5 , which promised access to the developers?

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