Apple prepares iPhone 5S in the case of gold color

The closer to the announcement of the next generation iPhone, the more rumors about the device leaked to the Web. And some of them unusual. For example, Rene Ritchie from iMore claims that the iPhone 5S will be released in gold, in addition to the traditional black and white. One would not pay attention to this rumor, but Apple Insider also reported on the occurrence of flagship smartphone Apple in the unusual coloring, plus the use of 128 GB of flash memory. Recall that the maximum amount of disk space in the built-in iPhone 5 is 64GB. Although there are already iOS-device with half an increased amount of flash memory – the fourth-generation iPad .

For the tablet so much memory is justified if the user is used to carry a collection of movies, a couple of seasons of your favorite TV shows, magazines, comics, etc. Why 128 GB iPhone – hard to say. It will be useful unless the music lovers with a huge music collection in a format ALAC (Apple Lossless).

As for the golden color, according to iMore – it is quite a smart move on the background of the fact that major changes in the design of the device is not planned. In addition, the anodizing process for obtaining a color is much easier and cheaper than, for example, for creating a black pattern. And in the end it turns out not even black, but rather a graphite color. That is, Apple will not be difficult to add new color options and at the same time to demonstrate at least some innovation in the appearance of the smartphone, which is important against the background of diversity in the market of Android-smartphone.

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