Tel Aviv may be the first city in which to build a futuristic transport system SkyTran

As the resource The Verge , futuristic design of the transport system, developed in 2009 by experts Unimodal Systems of California and modified Ames Research Center (Ames Research Center), can be implemented in Tel Aviv.

This was stated by the chief executive of Tel Aviv Ron Huldai (Ron Huldai). It is a system of passenger transportation SkyTran. To move passengers SkyTran used a special booth called Sky pod, the movement of which is by using a magnetic field. In theory, the maximum data rate of the booths on the maglev reaches 240 km / h.

For the construction of the transport system SkyTran CEO Jerry Sanders SkyTran (Jerry Sanders) plans to raise $ 50 million. This will connect with SkyTran Tel Aviv University (Tel Aviv University), recreation park and a shopping district in Tel Aviv. The total distance between the data points is 6.5 km. According to Mr. Sanders, after resolving all regulatory and financial issues will need about 18 months to build SkyTran.

It should be noted that projects of this kind are not new, but after the submission of the draft Hyperloop , interest in the transport systems of the future has increased several times.

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