Production smartphone Apple iPhone 5S will begin in late July

As the resource PCMag , citing figures from analyst Peter Mayseka (Peter Misek), Apple is at the end of this month will begin production of a new version of the smartphone iPhone 5S. Thus, the release of new items will be held in late September or early October.

In addition, last month, has already begun the process of production of the budget smartphone model iPhone . According to Mayseka, the price of the device will be in the range of $ 300-400. However, the timing of its release is not specified.

According to the source, during the fall Apple will place orders for the production of 25-30 million units iPhone. For the winter period, the volume of orders will increase to 50-55 million is expected that Apple will order the winter around 5 million units outdated model of iPhone 4S, 20 million units a budget version of the iPhone and 25 million units of the new version of the iPhone 5S. On the orders of the model of iPhone 5 is not reported.

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