Specialists iFixit disassembled receiver Chromecast


Along with the announcement of a new tablet Nexus 7 , Google has shown the device to broadcast media content on mobile devices running Android (and a PC) to the TV. Novelty was the name Chromecast and evaluated by the manufacturer at $ 35. On the principle of its operation, we wrote the first news. However, it is necessary to add that the device allows you to broadcast not only running on a smartphone (or tablet) media content, but even a video of the tabs in the browser Chrome.


Thus, the device has not had time to get on the shelves, as specialists iFixit disassembled baby and showed us what it consists of. Actually, the PCB Chromecast settled:

  • SoC Marvell DE3005-A1;
  • 2 GB of flash memory production Micron;
  • chip AzureWave AW-NH387, is responsible for the wireless interfaces;
  • 512 MB of RAM DDR3L production Micron;


It is also worth noting the presence of the device port Micro USB. During the presentation, not a word was said about the fact that the device was found to require additional power connection. At one and the visible image can be cable USB, and directly the adapter. However, on the box (on the inside), you can see a simple pattern, which makes it clear that Chromecast also can be powered from the USB connector and on the TV.

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