Plastic Case iPhone Lite compared with the iPhone 5, 4S, 3GS and iPod touch [video]

Journalists and bloggers of all stripes continue to speculate as to what will be a new budget smartphone Apple, scheduled for release this fall.

iPhone Lite is enclosed in a plastic casing of various colors, suspend, then the familiar black-and-white palette of all previous generations of “apple” communicator. The current location of the connectors and buttons preserved, except that switch silent mode changed the configuration to a longitudinal cross.

The physical dimensions of the available iPhone and iPhone 5 are basically the same, although the device in a polycarbonate shell is likely to be thicker and heavier than the all-metal. Externally submitted body like iPhone Lite at the same time on the iPhone 3GS and the player of the fifth-generation iPod touch, it is slightly thicker than the “five”. The design and the material from which made the back of new items, suggests that the phone will be stronger than their predecessors.

For details about the hardware component iPhone Lite as a whole is not as important as Apple in any case will proceed through the ecosystem by giving low-cost iPhone specifications, sufficient to ensure a smooth running of almost all the already released games and applications.

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