Apple continues to promote iPhone 5c to the masses

Plastic. Glossy. Presented in the most bold and bright colors. Offering the most “leaky” cases for themselves. This iPhone 5c, cheaper smartphone Apple, facing the young and active users with a little more modest financial means. Apparently, Apple estimates differed somewhat from the fact that the company has at the moment in terms of sales.

This is not the nicest situation forces the company to focus on more active marketing, pouring large sums in advertising. No, the device is likely to be called a failure, but even Tim Cook noted that the demand for the device was slightly below analysts predicted the company. Perhaps the problem lies in the fuzzy positioning of the device, which is intended primarily for “switchers” from other platforms, wanting to try something new, while not wasting on flagship iPhone. However, iPhone 5c has never been considered as a kind of budget structure, which makes it even more mysterious positioning.

As a result, the buyer does not understand the need to purchase iPhone 5c, and Apple has to be constantly reminded of the existence of plastic and tsvetastenkoy version of its smartphone. Many cities in Europe and North America can be found advertising on iPhone 5c urban public transport stops. It looks like this:

Now readers of the music magazine The Rolling Stone can watch advertisements iPhone 5c, of course, no less “musical” filed. Color combinations and smartphone cover in advertising represent different music styles – pink with pink phone cover represents pop music, and the phone is green with a yellow cover is the best fit of reggae music lovers. In short, Apple remains true to itself – any advertising company is a small masterpiece of style and good taste.

Apple is now in some predicament. The company has never had to deal with promotion in the market two models iPhone, released in the same year – “iPhone” and “iPhone worse.” And how would you describe the iPhone 5c?

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