Peter Maysek: Apple reduces the volume of orders iPhone 5C and equip the iPhone 6 4.8-inch display

Jefferies analyst Peter Maysek (Peter Misek) has suggested that next year, Apple will launch iPhone smartphone with a larger screen 6. Recall now iPhone smart phones are equipped with 4-inch screens.

According to Mayseka, iPhone 6 will get a 4.8-inch display. This was the conclusion he came to after talking with suppliers Apple. He also noted that currently about half placed on the market of smartphones have displays with screen sizes 4 or more inches, although a year ago, the share of such devices was only about 20%.

Peter also Maysek said that the demand for iPhone 5C model was below initial expectations. As a result, Apple reduced orders of accessories for it with the original 30 million to 15-20 million.

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