Microsoft is preparing a major update to iOS Office

Microsoft has completed the development of a full-fledged office suite for the iPhone and iPad, writes authoritative news agency Reuters. According to the edition, Office for iOS can quit at any time, and now its release date depends entirely on the decision of the current CEO Corporation Satya Nadella.

Without the release of Office for iOS Microsoft loses huge amounts of potential users who are forced to choose either iWork package of solutions from Apple, or alternative office applications from App Store, if they support all the formats of documents. According to analysts’ estimates, the company’s losses from monetary tightening release iPad-version of Office are approximately $ 2.5 billion per year.

Since June last year, Apple’s application store for iPhone , Office 365 is available to work with Word, Excel, and so on. Nevertheless, it can not be considered a full-fledged office suite Microsoft for mobile devices. Want to see the document – please, but to edit it still have to use the computer.

Recently, news about new products from Microsoft for Apple devices was unusually large. First, it became known that before the end of the year the company will release a new version of Office 2014 for computers Mac, and then one of its representatives to spill the beans about the free release of OneNote for OS X this month.

It is possible that in this way in Redmond trying to attract the attention of buyers to its new office applications, although the need for the latest in advertising remains a big question. Many eagerly awaiting the release of Office on the iPad, but until recently the timing of its release remained unknown. As for the price, then the use of mobile office suite will certainly want to purchase a subscription to Office 365.

Microsoft began to devote much more attention to the development of their mobile applications after the departure of Steve Ballmer and the appointment of a new CEO . Who knows, maybe he will be able to reach a truce and to make sure that normal users do not feel the consequences of the hostility between the two technology corporations.

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