Those have Android, but not in Windows Phone?

Those have Android, but not in Windows Phone?

Those have Android, but not in Windows Phone?

Google has a line of Nexus, while Apple – iPhone. Meanwhile, Microsoft offers a lot of phones that very few people about something they say. But this is not to say that Windows Phone should be in the wrong direction. Microsoft just needs some significant flagship smartphone, which would embody the best possible mobile platform software giant. Or the software giant would be better to just go to Android?

Such an opinion voiced on the resource PCWorld Mark Hechmen. And it is based on a report analyst Jan Dawson Jackdaw Research, which recommends Microsoft and continue to maintain the distinctive features of Windows Phone from Apple iOS, the leader in the premium segment, and Android, the absolute leader among mobile platforms.

Microsoft is not enough bright flagship phones with a memorable name and some distinctive features, which are deprived of even the best Soup based on other platforms.

Windows Phone, which is hardly the best mobile OS for gamers, trying to bite off a share of the market in which the leader Android, offering quality equipment and affordable prices. But users do not have to stop what their attention. Dawson therefore recommends the development of a significant flagship phone, and Mark Hechmen also agrees with this view.

According to Dawson, Lumia lineup for this role is not suitable. Too late, and has already formed a nasty little chain. Have little platform users, which means that developers refrain from creating applications for it. In turn, the lack of interest in applications reduces the operating system users who are already sizing it.

In the fourth quarter of 2013. Windows Phone had a 3.4 percent market share. And it was the peak moment, because since then the market share of the mobile platform software giant apparently decreased. A similar conclusion can be drawn from the fact that the one-year supply remained at last year’s level – 34 million devices. But the aggregate supply of “smart” phones are in the growth stage.

Cheap Phones

Cheapest Windows Phone (500 series) make, according AdDuplex, approximately 40% of phones Lumia network Walmart. Over the past 24 months Lumia 520, according Counterpoint Research, remained the most popular device based on Windows Phone, almost twice as much as the next following popular model, Lumia 625. This is not surprising, since unlocked Lumia 520 costs only $ 80. This allows the Microsoft operating system for its simplicity and cheapness displace Android. But repression is almost imperceptible.

Those have Android, but not in Windows Phone?

Among the cheap phones Windows Phone platform was able to find my place, because on its base features, though very cheap, but reasonable quality alternative to Android-devices. This, of course, talking about the budget segment.

In turn, Android also leaves his attention cheap smartphone market. In Moto G and Moto E, for example, the low price combined with high quality hardware.

Applications for Windows Phone are substantially less than for iOS and Android. And of those that have, a significant part is the version created originally for other platforms, with reduced functionality.

The popularity of Windows Phone could improve smartphone with unprecedented opportunities

Those have Android, but not in Windows Phone?

Currently soared rumors about Lumia with a 50-megapixel camera. These rumors cause skepticism, but they represent the very essence of user expectations from Microsoft – the software giant’s time to give something to people admiration.

Is the company introduced something innovative? Alas, no! But something of its platform now boasts. Appendix Lumia Selfie not impressive, connoisseurs can find photos, for which he was criticized. But the fact remains that such application is not on any other mobile platform. This feature of Windows Phone.

Users love the big names. But the most important thing is that when its name is pronounced, it was clear what was going on. How would those who neither belonged to the Nexus, but it is necessary to say a word, as there remains no doubt that this is one of the representatives of the line flagship Google. And Lumia are different, too different.

Will the emergence of a powerful Microsoft promoting its flagship operating system? How, in your opinion, should be a smartphone based on Windows Phone in order to even the most dedicated Android users began to look closely to it? Whether enough would be a 50-megapixel camera for all the attention has shifted from Android to Windows Phone?

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