Alcohoot turns the iPhone into breathalyzer professional level [video]

Breathalyzer – an electronic device that measures the concentration of alcohol vapor in exhaled air man. Today, these devices have gained popularity due to the simplicity and ease of use – just breathe into the sensor tester and almost immediately you can see the result measurements.

In the U.S. started selling “professional” breathalyzer for smartphones and tablets. Model called Alcohoot compatible with iPhone, iPad and gadgets on Android, as it is connected via a standard 3.5-mm audio jack for headphones.

The developers say that the built-in pressure sensor Alcohoot and “smart” pump delivers the highest accuracy indicators. A free app, available for both iOS and Android, not only displays the content of alcohol in the blood, but also has a personal blog drinking, calculates the amount of alcohol sufficient for the body, and lists open nearby pubs.

If the user has exceeded its rule, the gadget will remind you when to stop and offer to call a taxi. As they say the creators of the product, Alcohoot always be on hand in situations where there is doubt, get behind the wheel or not.

Alcohoot cost is $ 119 , with replaceable mouthpieces ($ 8) and power cables ($ 10) are sold separately. Nonetheless, the creators of the device claim that their machine is worth the money.

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Look a video from russian roads:

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