Review HTC Desire 700 dual sim

Review HTC Desire 700 dual sim – there is no limit to communication

Review HTC Desire 700 dual sim

Historically so that none of my friends do not use HTC as the main smartphone. And comments about them, I personally had heard only from people of testing apparatus. Smartphone HTC Desire 700 in the best traditions of ideas is the duration of active support for two SIM cards and great stereo. And what’s still a good smartphone? All the cards are opened under the cut.

Design and Ergonomics – HTC Desire 700

Review HTC Desire 700 dual sim

The device came to me clearly, after long wanderings obzorschikom. In the box there were adapter socket, USB-MicroUSB cable and headphones, which, judging by their appearance, you can immediately throw away, but you better start to listen to the sound. Charm and depth, he does not shine, but throw in a backpack as a spare wheel can be. The unit itself out of the box appeared slightly shabby life. So much less glossy plastic. And as a smartphone, and the adapter is basically just such a glossy and burnished, and then over time, both will get here such nemilashechny shabby appearance. DSC_4427 In principle, HTC Desire 700 got all the typical chips HTC: rounded massiveness, stereo speakers on the top and bottom of the screen, otcherkivayuschie strip on the reverse side and two menu buttons. Yes, and if it is absolutely honest, it seems that this smartphone on the back side one-to-one like another HTC One M8, HTC One Max, HTC Desire 601, HTC One mini … Maybe you have something of this same paths remember. Not sure I like this consistency designer company, but this also has a distinctive feature. DSC_4459 So, most of the body is made of glossy plastic, we have an instance of a dark gray color, and still is pure white, with two metal plates under the speakers. The most expensive and classy here especially singled. As for the 5-inch device parameters smartphone was not a record – 145.5 x 72 x 10.3 mm, but due to a rounded streamlined very comfortable in the hand. And the weight of 150 grams is just average, not much to Fuzzies seemed unit, but not to a brick. Grid located on the top and bottom screen, but on the top plate three eye: camera, light sensors and proximity. Sensor display hidden beneath the mesh.

Review HTC Desire 700 dual sim

“Forehead” and “chin” increased also due to the inscription «htc» top and two buttons at the bottom. Yes, two. Not usual that “house” is not centered, but a couple of days can be used.

Review HTC Desire 700 dual sim

At the expense of mechanical buttons – I have some bad news. Inclusion is at the top edge. Moreover, also from the left. More and virtually no recoil. No matter how well your smartphone or lay a finger stretch so high is not very convenient. A volume rocker unlock or double tapom impossible. Immediately there audiodzhek, and that its placement successful.

Review HTC Desire 700 dual sim

The left side is empty, on the right – the volume key, I thought, just a tall located. Yes, and almost not noticeable under your finger and with a very bad move.

On the bottom – microUSB connector and a microphone for communication.

Located behind the main camera and LED flash. Branded stripes that there solely for decoration and inscription in the kit included.

Review HTC Desire 700 dual sim

The cover is removable. This is not happy, just expect that over time it will be great to play. But it’s so tight, so hard to open that can, and everything will be okay. Under the hood are the same removable battery capacity of 2100 mAh, I will tell about it in subparagraph “Autonomy”. There are slots for two (I must clarify – two active) sim card and microSD-card. Last you exactly need.

Stiffness is average. Trying to twist, you can hear something inside clearly crackles and shifts. But in general, if not to find fault, appearance, facilities and materials – four minus. Material durability frustrating assembled unit so so, but in the hand is safe. Thought it was a problem of my particular instance, because he passed through many hands of journalists, but judging from the reviews, it really play and flex.

Display – HTC Desire 700

Review HTC Desire 700 dual sim

5 inch Super LCD display 2 covered unknown protective glass. This is unlikely to Gorilla Glass, but, nevertheless, shabby housing, and glass – no. But it has a oleophobic coating to which no claim at all. Fat repels fingerprints collects little. Frame around the display is on par with the glass, so I tried it not to put down the screen.

As for the images, then the display is not very indicative resolution – 960 x 540 pixels with a density of 220 ppi. It’s quite a bit for someone who already QHD 5.5-inch display looked at. But if you take a smartphone to use, rather than boasting parameters and pixel density, then for comfortable operation of this resolution is enough head. In addition, the smartphone is very fine tuning color, good brightness, viewing angles without inversion and there is no air gap between the matrix and glass. So in general, the situation is not as bad as it seems at first glance. But honestly, phones the same price category has long HD-resolution, so that the HTC Desire 700 seems to remain for a second year in the junior league.

Camera – HTC Desire 700

Review HTC Desire 700 dual sim

The old fashioned way, two, without any decorations. But I must say, the camera – not the strong point of this device. Summary got 8 MP with 28mm and aperture f/2.8. The smartphone is not enough inside the camera settings, but I can not say with certainty that they will help make candy out of the existing potential. Focus is not smooth, jerky rendition of science fiction, and at dusk image is grainy. In general, here are three tons of examples.

Front camera boasts 2.1 MP weight and all sorts of weird filters. Instead of thousands of comments, there you immediately examples. To me, they did not seem glamorous or worthy demonstration somewhere at all.

Well, screenshots softinushki chamber. Then pluck the eyes – so much pluck brain. Can be tricky. But what if there is intelligent Zoe, which will make all the most beautiful for you?

Sound – HTC Desire 700

And now about the strong side of HTC Desire 700. If you are one of those who enjoys the sound that wants to hear a loud sound quality not only in the headphones, but the speakers and your smartphone and look for a machine melomanskoy soul, then yes, you will be satisfied. Because listening to music with this unit and two stereo speakers that look straight at you and not hiding shyly on the cover, it’s nice. Technology HTC BoomSound, dual front stereo speakers with an additional amplifier doing their job perfectly. Loud, juicy and without distortion.

Specifications and Software – HTC Desire 700

Review HTC Desire 700 dual sim

The story of the HTC Desire 700 and its  processor plus or minus known to everyone who was interested in this phone. AnTuTu flagged prosak pointing Qualcom Snapdragon QSD8150, because no, it does not work with Mali-400 graphics. Easily find out the truth, if not lazy to google. Pro processor Spreadtrum average user hardly ever heard. And our community name must be at least a little familiar. Spreadtrum Communications for some time only made chips cellular Chinese standard TD-SCDMA exclusively for the domestic market. But the situation eventually leveled, the company “has sponsored” the processors a couple of inexpensive devices. But the star of the collection was exactly 700 HTC Desire, running on a CPU Spreadtrum SC7735S, accommodating 4 core Cortex A-7 c at 1.2 GHz. Incidentally, the same name you might have heard in the news about the cheapest smartphone for $ 25 because it is a joint project of Firefox and Spreadtrum.

Review HTC Desire 700 dual sim

1 GB of RAM, built-in – 8 GB available to the user a little more than 5 GB, and this memory is constantly running. Install a couple of heavy applications I could, but when he wanted more from the top and put the Epic Citadel, then had to decide what to delete w. All on your phone anyway, do not fit. So microSD help you.

In the synthetic tests the machine is not set records, and more was in the tail of comparative tables and diagrams. Say that for the price it is depressing – to say nothing. And the video in FullHD-resolution played in spurts, and the applications themselves slightly retarding (and sometimes not lightly). But ride on machines in Asphalt still managed 8.

Performance in short, is far from exemplary. And one could say that the work broke down, the average user to go – well, think of 11 thousand parrots, but calls! But no, I will not. Still, you pay for the device not two thousand hryvnia, and almost three and a half. For the price fair demand a little more than a performance itself of the average load.

Review HTC Desire 700 dual sim

Sense 5.0 firmware largely student record and pretty. But the first attempt and immediately lump – blind notifications. I, the user is not accustomed to the fact that pulls the upper bar, and there is no-thing was uncomfortable all the time test. Where is he, where is she? Nowhere. Include wi-fi, and adjust the brightness or through the settings, or through a special widget. All this is in the newer versions of HTC Sense, which we are not available. Like Android 4.2 at b – about 4.4 KitKat’s not even hiccup.

About dvuhsimnost will not talk too much. Main message is simple – if you had at least two SIM cards of different operators can reach you if you had at least one SIM card for communication, and the second – for the Internet, downloading will not be interrupted if you suddenly someone calls. This is the special case when the other person to “MTS” will not listen “subscriber zonoyu pose,” even if you pop the card now “Beeline” with his girlfriend from Cheboksary. Here’s how it looks.

Autonomy – HTC Desire 700

Review HTC Desire 700 dual sim

2100 mAh – this is without a doubt not a record, but on the whole working day lives. By the evening of normal flight. I understand that my Oppo Find 5 here is not to compare, and generally not indicative example, but after a long working day if Oppo failed to break a dining dream, the SIM card is moved to the HTC Desire 700. Around 7:00 surfing Internet is not at maximum brightness. While reading at least 13 hours. And for the night, if you turn off wi-fi, bluetooth and mobile Internet, the machine and is not discharged in practice. But synthetically test device was unable to finish.


Review HTC Desire 700 dual sim

Phone from the series “nothing special.” We can not say that, among other devices in the same price category it stands some super-duper chips. Total big pluses in the unit only two. The first – the sound, of course, he is without doubt very good. Second – two radio module, active support for two SIM cards. That’s all. Outwardly indistinguishable from other smartphones of the company, a little overprice, but expected, for HTC, unusual processor, HTC Sense 5.0. You can take if you need a smartphone with a good sound, you always call someone and want to stay connected 24/7, and if you act Taiwanese manufacturer to one’s soul.

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