Thodio iBox XC Speaker: 200-watt docking station for lovers of beauty

If the majority of manufacturers docking stations for the iPhone tends to modern design, the Thodio decided to go their own way. The company introduced the iBox XC Speaker – made of precious wood powerful loudspeaker, allowing at the same time to reproduce the subtle nuances of music.

Equipped with a pair of high-quality 6.5-inch speakers with Kevlar cones 9-pound dock Thodio can not fail to please. This is a classic open-sounder, built-luminous phase inverter and a leather carrying handle. Declared by the manufacturer power speakers – 2 x 100 watts.

Sound processing technology iBox XC Speaker allows to achieve a higher quality than the standard analog signal processing technology, which is commonly used in a docking station with support for analog output from iPod / iPhone, they say in Thodio. Digital audio from the mobile device is processed at all stages, the level of the signal-to-noise ratio increases.

On a single battery charge acoustics Thodio not only itself will last about 12 hours, but will be able to maintain a high level of charge iOS-connected device. Remote access to the iPhone and iPod via the built-in Bluetooth, and using corporate remote Apple.

Prices for Thodio iBox XC Speaker start from 600 euros , depending on the finish.

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