Adobe announced a “smart” digital pen and a ruler for iPad

Adobe has announced a “smart pen” and a digital line, compatible with the iPad. Release developments intended for users keen on drawing, scheduled for the first half of 2014.

Stylus codenamed Project Mighty is made of aluminum. His feature – the pressure sensitivity: the stronger the user presses the pen tip on the screen, the thicker the line. The role of the eraser when drawing finger plays.

The line, which Adobe calls Project Napoleon, has a length of 7.6 centimeters. Being placed on the tablet screen, it projects on display straight lines. To display the line in the figure, you need to spend on it with the stylus.

And the stylus, and have a range of one button. Clicking it opens the tablet menu of tools and settings. In the Project Mighty, in addition, a module Bluetooth – it is used for wireless data exchange between the stylus and tablet.

Accessories will work in all the “risovalka”, but Adobe will release a special software: Project Parallel to create thumbnails and Project Contour for converting photos into drawings. There is support for “cloud» Creative Cloud to sync settings and drawings.

“We are confident that we can do digital art and more accessible, and more natural,” – said at Adobe.

Both devices, stylus and a ruler, will release partner Adobe – the company Adonit. The price of electronic gadgets has not yet named.

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