DICE +: interactive digital dice for games on the iPad


With the increasing popularity of mobile applications in desktop games, there are fewer fans. Who wants to carry a large cardboard box full of chips, playing cards and other paraphernalia? After all, its analog can be downloaded in seconds on the iPhone. New electronic dice DICE + from the company Game Technologies SA was designed for users iPad, who have realized the advantage of mobile gaming over the legacy desktop.

Interactive dice DICE + can be thrown in the same way as a conventional, and connects it with the tablet using wireless Bluetooth. The gadget has a motion controller, an accelerometer, a thermometer and a magnetometer. This game pad can even tell that you cheat during the game.


Thanks to an advanced “stuffing”, every time you throw DICE +, it sends information about its fall to the mobile device is connected to. And in the running game application specific actions will occur, depending on what face fell on interactive cube. At the same time to the same gadget can be connected to seven DICE +

All six faces DICE + equipped with LED displays which can be programmed so that they showed any information, whether it is a number from 1 to 6 or a specific icon from a particular game.

DICE + can interact not only with the iPad, but also to mobile devices on Android. Cost unusual gamepad is $ 40.

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