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Vestguard Ballistic: Case for the iPad, which can save lives

VestGuard/Solent News

If you purchase for your iPad special accessory «Vestguard Ballistic iPad Panel», your tablet will be completely bulletproof and can effectively stop the way the 9-millimeter bullets Produced pistols and revolvers.

When creating a panel Vestguard Ballistic iPad Panel used the same technology that is used in the manufacture of bulletproof vests, which regularly use U.S. troops in Iraq.

The experts of the British company «Vestguard UK» argue that such a panel with a thickness of only three millimeters, and can reliably protect the user from bomb fragments or shrapnel. In this case, the use of such a bullet-proof coating increases the weight of the original iPad only 142 grams.

According to the manufacturer, at present, actively acquiring new to Western politicians, businessmen and other VIP-card, in which there is any reason to worry about its safety.

It should Vestguard Ballistic iPad Panel almost 42 British pounds (about $60).

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