Download Infinity Blade III for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

The award-winning Infinity Blade trilogy of games is coming to an epic conclusion: the App Store came third and final part of the cult slashers Infinity Blade. Download Infinity Blade III may be in the App Store.

The original blockbuster game for iOS, developed by ChAIR, returns with a lot of battles, full of adrenaline, gorgeous visuals and exciting story of love, betrayal and redemption. Siris and Isa join forces with the King-God Raydriarom in a desperate attempt to destroy the Keeper of secrets and his army of Titans Immortals. Uncover more secrets to master the infinity Blade in this timeless stories of struggle between good and evil.

Among the main features of the Infinity Blade III developers call an impressive dynamic graphics, three new game modes, new achievements and responsive and intuitive touch controls that can “light touch on the touch screen.” Attack, evade, block and devastating spells can use simple finger movements.

In Infinity Blade III are two characters: the legendary hero Siris and silent warrior, thief, Isa. Each character can develop one of three unique fighting styles and use hundreds of different weapons and items. The game has greatly increased the playing space for research and new bosses, including a fire-breathing dragon.

Some features of the Infinity Blade III:

Explore spacious, gorgeous surroundings, immersing you in the gaming world that is changing at the same time as you pick your way and find new adventures, side quests, and battles with KleshMob new game interface “World Maps”.

Find allies who will join your shelter. You will meet a jeweler Potions master blacksmith and merchant who can act in concert with you to open incredible new skills.

Join forces with other players around the world to participate in “mass social”, focused on the adventures of a group where you will be able to deal with new enemies and find rare treasures and earn exclusive items.

The new “Tasks”, which raises the achievement of a new level, allowing players to earn chips used for the purchase of keys, treasure maps, prize wheels, as well as other rare items.

Unreal Engine technology of Epic Games allows you to achieve excellent visual effects for mobile devices that are supported by the service cloud and HDMI connector


The most detailed history of all games developed for mobile devices. Includes voiceovers from John Noble and Troy Baker.
An animated short film «Infinity Blade: Origins» from the famous director’s Ben Haybona.
The game will debut a new song «Monster» from the world-famous band Imagine Dragons ».
Infinity Blade III is compatible with smartphones not less iPhone 4, iPad tablet is not lower than 2 players, iPod touch 4G and 5G. Download Infinity Blade III can be the link below.

Download Infinity Blade III for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad [ App Store ]

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