App Store allows you to download older versions of applications for older iOS-devices

In iOS 7 sold quite a few things that can greatly simplify the user’s daily life. Among these improvements are automatic zooming applications for the iPhone with double the number of pixels and the ability to use applications created for the iPhone, even on iPad mini. The power of iPhone for the past six years has increased by 40 times and everything about it know . But for millions of people, even that is no reason to change my good old phone for a novelty, which still have to get used to. Now in the App Store you can download the old version of the application that is compatible with smartphones Apple previous years.

As you can see in the screenshot from Ryan Christensen placed resource Cult of Mac, now in the App Store can be downloaded previous versions of compatible applications. This means that even users of iPhone 3G will be able to use your phone to the maximum.

It may be that the phone supports iOS 4, iOS 5 it is impossible to establish. This means that the latest versions of applications such iPhone simply will not be installed.

Not all users, just hearing about the next version of the phone, rushing her to the store. Many people do not like change at familiar things with new and even more do not want to spend extra money on new items. They did not even draw a golden glow all touted new items.

Rumor has it that Google is going to do something similar for your platform Android , but hard drives Play Store does not have sufficient capacity to store all the different versions of applications. The only question is, whether these rumors are true?

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