Magnetic Designer “smart” robots became a hit on Kickstarter

In the online store has a great mix of children’s designers, among which everyone can choose the model that best fits you and your baby. New Magnetic Designer MOSS, a startup Modular Robotics, allows you to create “intelligent” robots, requiring no skills robot.

Moss is connected to smartphones and tablets via a Bluetooth network and does not require the application development or wires. Each module is part of a certain color, which symbolizes his mission. For example, the yellow side of conducts, blue and green – transfers and reads. Combining modules, the user can create a small robot controlled by remote control.

MOSS became a hit on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, collecting the required 100,000 dollars in less than a day. Currently, users have collected nearly 210,000 dollars. Depending on the size of the donation, the buyer will receive one set of Moss, a particularly generous invite to the office Modular Robotics and even offered to discuss future projects with the head of a startup.

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