HTC M8 continues to leak into the network


What we do not know about HTC M8, or as it is called – All New One?

“Yes, we all already know about it!” Not slow to answer our regular reader. And indeed, in the Network have already escape various photos of the device, we even saw a video review has not yet been submitted to the smartphone, then the author is a bit threatened . What can I say, even the Chinese, specializing in copies of the flagship devices , have already released their version of the Taiwanese machine.

But there is something else. First, the new flagship of HTC is waiting for us an interesting accessory. No, not the heart rate transmitter! The company has prepared for its new owners device quite interesting covers that are … well, see for yourself.

First covers for “apples” , then the back cover Galaxy S5, now this. All kinds of holes become a trend. It is not clear how this would work, but probably will need to activate press the power button. Pretty bold design decision, wondering if he can show anything except the weather and hours?

But that’s not all. According to the same source, HTC M8 will have a version and Google Edition. But no details of this have not yet been reported.

In addition, regular pictures surfaced device destined, apparently, for the Chinese market. Thanks to them, we can look at the close-up camera two devices as well as to compare the dimensions of the gadget HTC One Max.

Think that now certainly all? And here and there! One reader posted a net Phonearena 18 wallpapers, which are likely to await owners HTC M8 as presets. Full set is available here .

HTC M8 is clearly not the most secret product on the market. Nevertheless, after the last MWC many had pinned him some hope. Now the smartphone already seems no more secrets. So ask directly, going to take?

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