5 features HTC One M8, which you will not find in the Galaxy S5


Perhaps the competition in high-tech world is one of the most violent of its varieties. Any miscalculation or the slightest inaccuracy will not only reason for the decline in sales, but also an occasion to ridicule from other manufacturers. To prevent this situation, the engineers of the companies are working day and night to develop their own advantages devices. Which of them in comparison with Galaxy S5 has recently introduced HTC One M8? Let’s find out.

First of all, it should be noted that the above two companies are going separate ways. South Korean manufacturer is not alien to the introduction of a huge number of small innovations, which need to be doubted. An example of this will serve to stop playing video when you turn your head, look for constant supervision of the owner and the ability to flip pages without touching the screen. Someone like chips cause delight, and someone passes by, opting for another smartphone.


HTC characteristic improvement proven functions. Who is right and who is wrong – it’s up to you. However, do note a few of superiority HTC One M8, who kindly shared by our colleagues from phonearena, impossible.

Boom, boom, boom!
This, unfortunately, is not something that comes from the speaker Galaxy S5. Yes, it is loud enough, but when it comes to the depth and quality of the sound, the sound source flagship Samsung shyly hides his eyes.

Whether it One M8, stereo speakers which had to say about himself in the days of the first-generation smartphone. If you believe the manufacturer, model 2014 has added 25 percent volume, which can not surprise.

Furthermore, BoomSound located on the front of the phone, which is much more convenient for watching videos and playing games.

Magnesium, sodium, aluminum
Despite the fact that many fans dreaming of their favorite Samsung smartphone in metal garb, the manufacturer still continues to ignore such requests. Of course, the use of plastic to reduce the weight of the device and is easy to replace in case of damage the body, but those who held in his hand One, understand what is at stake.


One M8, by the way, has become more “iron”. Fraction of the metal in the shell smartphone is now a whopping 90 percent.

Do not cry, it’s just AMOLED
HTC has always been famous for its remarkable LCD-displays, and a five-inch screen Full HD-One M8 is no exception. In comparison with the Galaxy S5 color on such a matrix are more realistic, and she was more accurate.


Sense Discount shell
In fairness it should be noted that Samsung worked closely on an updated version of TouchWiz. Despite this, it still far until smooth and quiet Sense, which in its latest iteration Avnery now fashionable flat design. He looks, believe me, fine.

Smooth now trending
Detail shots One M8 does not go to any comparison with that Galaxy S5. In order to somehow compensate for questionable UltraPixel-resolution camera, HTC engineers have implemented several interesting options processing images. Special mention deserves the ability to create a blurred background. The way it looks, the picture below demonstrates.


And on which side to fight these two leaders are you? Do not forget to share your answer in the comments.

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