The most anticipated laptops 2015

The most anticipated laptops 2015

The most anticipated laptops 2015

The coming year, many IT-analysts call the “year of the revival of laptops.” We believe, however, that they did not die to be reborn. Progress goes on, and trends in 2015 reflect the main trends in the segment. About them today and we’ll talk, but also show a number of interesting new products.

As it happens at the beginning of each year, a variety of manufacturers show that they are going to release this year, at the January CES show in Las Vegas. However, someone rips off the veils, without even waiting for the cherished date. And tell about those and other pro – or rather, what is the most interesting notebooks waiting for their customers in the coming year.

Intel’s new platform

But first we must say about the new platform Broadwell – namely its Intel showed at the last exhibition month ago. The main advantages of the fifth generation of processors Intel Core, made on 14-nanometer process technology, compared to the 22-nm generation Haswell, consist in higher performance at a smaller size and heat dissipation. This is especially true three-dimensional graphics – promised to increase by as much as 22%. Intel has also assured that the device will Broadwell to wake up much in nine (!) Times faster than Haswell, and to work on a single charge device itself will be up to 30% longer. According to statistics, there are about 600 million computers (both desktops and laptops) that have not been updated for at least the last four years, and advanced machine with Broadwell they should be a worthy replacement.

However, the platform platform, but also the more obvious advantages of the new generation of technology should be. Trends in the latest generation of laptops loom quite clear: reducing the area occupied by the component (frameless screen at least) more slim, yet lighter weight (although it would seem, much less) – in general, no surprises, but nice, fast and convenient . Meant to be.

Acer Chromebook 15

The new “Chromebooks” from Acer is interesting in several respects. Firstly, Acer Chromebooks released in the form factor of traditional notebook – screen size is 15.6 inches trends. As you know, laptops Chrome OS occupies a specific niche: they were the governors of netbooks on ultra price that justifies and content. It refers to the free cloud OS, cloud storage for data, small hardware capacity hard disk (usually, SSD), etc. Acer Chromebook 15 takes up new horizons: first of all, it Full-HD-display with IPS-matrix, but there will be less expensive version with HD-screens. Then – of course, the new generation of processors Intel Core i3 or Celeron family Broadwell. RAM had 2 or 4 gigabytes, 16 or 32 GB of internal (SSD-drive) and 100 GB of cloud storage. Booting the system takes just 7 seconds thanks to speed the OS and SSD-drives.

In addition to the good technical components in a given Chromebooks and the case itself is not bad – stated that it can withstand a fall from a height of 45 cm on the ground, it is possible to put the weight up to 60 pounds (that is, the girl at him quite easily fit). In this case, no special protections it has no Chromebooks: the case of the ordinary, though durable plastic mat and he does not look cheap. However, with the size and weight could not take records as diagonal (yes, it’s Chromebooks with the largest screen sizes today): laptop weighs 2.2 kilograms at a thickness of 24.2 mm. The price will be less than 300 euros per unit.

ASUS Transformer Book Chi T300

Sequel “Transformers” from ASUS at CES gained a new breath, and can rightly be called today “the world’s thinnest 12.5-inch tablet with a keyboard plug-in” (as say the developers). Of course, it will take some time, and this title will be intercepted by someone else (even 0.1 mm), but so far this title – for the ASUS Transformer Book Chi T300, flatbed portion of which has a thickness of only 7.3 mm, along with the keyboard -14.3 mm, even by the standards of ultrabooks very, very little.

The most anticipated laptops 2015

Other key points – display resolution, which is 2560h1440 pixels and support for 4G LTE. Of course, will be used the Intel Core generation Broadwell, in transformer set up to 8GB of RAM, up to 128 GB of internal memory, there is a front HD-camera, as the operating system supports Windows 8.1. There is also a younger version with Full-HD-TV.

It is curious that this hybrid was introduced more than six months ago, with the platform to speak of the previous generation; at CES, however, the announcement made it clear that the generation is still new.

Dell XPS 13

The first thing that attracts attention in this laptop – the screen. It is made in accordance with the latest trends, frameless. Formally, the frame still is – but it is modest thickness 5.2 mm, and it will fit a touch (all models except the youngest) 13.3-inch screen (with a resolution of Full-HD in the younger version and QHD + – in the older ie 3200h1800 pixels) into the 12-inch netbook (and some even talking about the 11-inch – that, too, can easily be compared with extra-models). A comparison will be, by the way, is not in favor of MacBook Air, the scope of which is three times wider. But funny that a narrow frame opened drawback of this design: there is no place to put a webcam, which is traditionally located above the screen. Therefore, the XPS 13 it stuck in the lower left corner, which is bound to affect the convenience of communication. However, no one bothers to buy a high-quality external “Webcam”.

The most anticipated laptops 2015

Weight of 1.2 kilograms of news, which is acceptable, but can not be called a record. Rather, it is the norm for a 13-inch screen, except for MacBook Air, which is heavier by 23%. Although he is heavier than the XPS 13 HP EliteBook 102 (1.22 kg) and the Lenovo Yoga 3 (1.18). The body is an alloy of aluminum and carbon fiber.

From a technical point of view, the model is also not to lose face. The basic configuration of the fifth generation platform offers Broadwell processor with Intel Core i3, 4GB of RAM and SSD-drive capacity of 128 GB. The maximum configuration is based on the Intel Core i7 with eight gigabytes of RAM and other buns.

On the other hand, this laptop for gaming is not suitable, because even in the older version had integrated graphics HD 5500. The overall performance for the first test, however, is comparable to that of the MacBook Air, including battery life.

Among other pleasant things should be noted spotlighting Chiclet keyboard, and a rather large multifunctional klikpad, as well as pre-installed Windows 8.1. Dell XPS 13 ultrabook is already sold in the US for as low as 800 to $ 1,800

Lenovo X1 Carbon 2015

My favorite toy of many, the model from Lenovo X1 Carbon survived another, third, the birth. It’s not quite ultranovaya model, but updated one extremely successful model. Home “trick” we already know: a translation of the line for the fifth generation of processors Intel Broadwell. With this battery life of one particular instance of this ultrabook (Notably including their governments) increased to 11 hours.

The most anticipated laptops 2015

In addition, the company in this model have already returned to the classical scheme of input devices: touch pad with separate left and right buttons (instead klikpada), plus three more. Is still here and the traditional trackpoint – there he is, red in the center of the keyboard.

Developers call this model “the easiest in the world of high-performance notebook”: indeed, the weight of the laptop does not exceed 1.3 kg. At the same time he IPS-touch screen with a diagonal of 14 inches with a resolution of 1600×900 pixels to 2560h1440 depending on the modification. SSD-drive installed in the X1 Carbon up to 512 GB, and some modifications to get a laptop with high-speed storage interface PCIe. Memory in the versions – from 4 to 8 GB available adapters Wi-Fi (802.11ac) and Bluetooth 4.0, two USB 3.0 ports and one – USB 2.0.

The price of the new product starts with $ 1,250 for a younger model, and sales will begin later this month.

MSI GT80 Titan SLI

Of course, thin ultrabooks will be required by the market, but at least they will be in demand and laptops, where the main thing – performance. Of course, here primarily refers gaming devices for their customers screen diagonal decent filling important and powerful and even fineness body weight.

The most anticipated laptops 2015

New laptop from MSI attracts attention immediately: his mechanical keyboard Cherry MX Brown with high-profile keys and red illumination, as well as the innovative touch panel with the ability to switch between klikpada and numeric keypad. In addition, there is a huge 18.4-inch display c-resolution Full-HD, which displays the image on the discrete graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX980M or GTX980M SLI (ie two at once!), And it can be installed right up to 8 GB of video memory.

RAM, incidentally, is also a lot: available in three versions with 16, 24 or 32 GB of RAM. It is clear that this notebook is supplied to the maximum all: for example, there is a processor Intel Core i7-4980HQ or i7-4720HQ, with Core i3 can not be ordered. Hard drives at once and there are many: from two to four SSD-drives of 128 GB or 256 format M.2 2280 in RAID 0, plus the usual “pancake” drive 7200 rpm 1 TB volume. And since all that stuff weighs as much as 4.5 pounds with a thickness of 49 mm housing (just do not save), then interfaces “Titan” is not deprived. Five ports USB 3.0, HDMI, mini-DisplayPort (two pieces), Gigabit Ethernet (module Qualcomm Killer E2200), SD-card reader drive BR-RW, two audio, digital audio S / PDIF (support 7.1 channel audio). And even has its own subwoofer in addition to the stereo speakers from Dynaudio.

Of course, this configuration requires a powerful battery and – true, if you think about size and weight as something not very easy to have a carrying this monster. Therefore, the battery did not make a monstrous, it is simple, non-removable, eight-element, 89 Vt⋅ch (5225 mA⋅ch). All other details that can be modified (eg, replacement of RAM), there are, and they can be accessed by removing the panel with a dragon from the keyboard.

It is clear that not only cost a supergeymersky laptop can not, so be it: the configuration of a single card valued at $ 2,500, a configuration with two video cards in SLI and even more RAM will draw for $ 3,500, and the maximum completely and $ 5,000 will go.

Lenovo LaVie Z

The real star of CES 2015 was the presentation of Lenovo LaVie Z: 13-inch laptop weighing only 780 grams, developed in collaboration with the company NEC. In the line – two models HZ550 and HZ750, and weight in the preceding sentence is for a younger model (senior weighs 925 grams, which is also very, very few). It is argued that these models are the first devices created in collaboration by Lenovo and NEC, which are available outside of the Japanese market.

The most anticipated laptops 2015

The maximum thickness of both devices does not exceed 16.9 mm, and these impressive figures turned including because housing and the display unit using a special magnesium-lithium alloy, which share 50% less than that of aluminum itself, and the strength is not less than the heavier magnesium alloys.

Non-touch screens and touch younger and older models, respectively, have the same 13.3-inch, they are covered with a special heavy-duty foil, which replaces the protective glass – it is possible to further reduce weight. Screen resolution of both models can be WQHD, as proposed in the older version with additional Full-HD.

Hard drive in all devices is the same – a SSD-drive capacity of 128 GB. RAM – up to 8 GB, available also all the necessary interfaces. Platform, of course, the last – Intel Broadwell fifth-generation Core i5 and Core i7. Discrete graphics solutions are not provided, customers will have to do Intel HD Graphics.

Finally, the capacity of the battery: the great mass of the older model HZ750 connected, in particular, and the fact that it has a more capacious battery – 44.4 W / h, while the younger HZ750 – 29,6 W / h. And the second reason – the older model has a reinforced construction joint, since we are dealing not even just with ultrabooks, and with high-grade transformers.

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