5 facts about mobile photos that you did not know


Currently, smart phones are extremely popular, and then, of course, there’s a reason. It is the universality of our pocket companions, through which we can count on their help, even in the most unexpected situations. Find a nearby eatery with Japanese cuisine? Easily. Learn how tall is your favorite basketball player? This is what I do. Impress your friends at the ceremony of “Oscar”? I have been taught. The last mentioned feature, by the way, deserves a separate discussion. Camera phones, because of its compactness, changed the essence of the concept of “picture.” Do you know how many shots created every second? Let us rather a look at the least curious facts better.

On that photograph?

It is no secret that the population of our planet recently exceeded the mark of 7.1 billion people. Perhaps, to shake hands with each of them would need to spend more than a decade. However, the number of camera phones is not much behind: according to research firm Treat, currently the world in active use is about 4.4 billion camera phones. This, of course, not exactly characterizes the sum of their owners: many, as well as I have multiple devices.

Share of smartphones in them also deserves attention. Number of smart phones than 1.14 million copies.

How many are there?

The number is already loaded in the various social networks shots simply crazy. For example, the most popular network called Facebook has about 140 billion photos, while the share flickr and Instagram noticeably smaller. The vast number of shots last power 8.5 and 1.1 billion respectively. 


How much will it?

In case, if you read the above text miraculously took exactly one minute – congratulations. During this period of time the tiny spaces of the World Wide Web replenished approximately 733,000 images. How many of them nabezhit for the whole day? 1.05 billion.

It is noteworthy that 208,000 of them will be uploaded to Facebook, and almost 28 thousand – in Instagram.

Why do it?

For each different. However, in the majority of people make snapshots to further download and store them on your computer. The share of photographers is 37.5 percent. Somewhat less – only 23 percent – imprint moments to load them in social networks, and 22.5 percent of photos taken and did not leave spaces phones. 


Who is ahead?

The title of absolute champion on the number of megapixels have built 2 smartphone from the Finnish manufacturer Nokia. Lumia 808 PureView 1020 and can boast 41 megapixel size images. However, the crown will soon be selected: according to rumors, the Chinese company Oppo for two weeks will introduce 50-megapixel smartphone.


And to which of the above groups you belong? Do not forget to share your answer in the comments.

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