Apple has patented new ways to unlock the screen

With the introduction of iOS 5 tablets from Apple got easy navigation through gestures. Not far off the release of the seventh version of the mobile operating system, but all the while bypassing the iPhone corporation in this matter. Nevertheless, the new Apple patent suggests that in the near future, the company plans to rethink the idea of ​​having a sign in their smartphones.

According to, the corporation has recently patented a new method unlock their devices. Familiar to us all «slide to unlock» will not go away – it will make the company a special set of gestures, by which a user can access only to specific functions and applications.

For example, if you store sensitive information or photo archives in the iPhone, and the child is asked to play your favorite game, he will be able to run it by drawing a shape – a circle, crescent, and so on. Thus, the confidentiality of files will not be affected, and you will be quiet for your personal information.

Innovation is not only the iPhone, but the iPad. Function unlock the screen using gestures for a long time have adopted the manufacturers Android -smartphone, why not use them to run a variety of applications? At the same time the main “trick” is to make the gadget with the best protection from intrusion by third parties.

In addition, the practical application of this feature can be found in everyday life. For example, run the “Twitter” by drawing the letter «T», or open the “Maps”, depicting the square. This method is much faster than searching spotlight, if the app you want is not on the first screen of the iPhone or iPad.

By the way, the patent also mentions that the gestures of the user at will be able to restrict access only to specific applications – contacts, messages, mail, and so on, leaving the other settings intact.

Unfortunately, to date, this is only a patent , and until such time as realization may take another year. It is possible that something like that we’ll see in iOS already 8.

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