Droid Turbo vs Moto X

Droid Turbo vs Moto X. What will you choose?

Droid Turbo vs Moto X

In early September of this year, Motorola introduced the second generation of public Moto X, then 2 months later in the US market together with mobile operator Verizon was presented Droid Turbo, which is the international version (Droid Maxx) came out a month later – in early November of this year – but so far only in South America. What will you choose Droid Turbo vs Moto X?

Not so long ago the company went under the wing of the Chinese Lenovo. It’s a shame to see that the company, which in the past was one of the largest and most successful American producers, now being bought is one, another giant. Motorola, probably the only company that manufactures smartphones sink version of Android – except for the Nexus-devices – adding only their applications and a variety of additional features such as Ambient Display, which perfectly complement the drain firmware.

Display – Droid Turbo vs Moto X

Droid Turbo vs Moto X

Comparing the two devices, it should be noted that both are worthy competitors of each other. Moto X has AMOLED-display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, in turn, is embedded in the Droid Turbo already QHD-display, also on technology AMOLED. Both screens have the same characteristics and performance in various tests, but the first pixel density is inferior. Even taking into account the fact that the display is better Droid Turbo Moto X, it will not be better than its competitors, such as Note 4 or Galaxy S5. In our video review mentioned that the quality of the screen Droid Turbo and, accordingly, Moto X is not good enough – it does not show the true color and has trouble seeing the pictures on the maximum and minimum brightness. All this is due to the fact that the displays in both devices old developments that Samsung used two years ago. Therefore, in terms of the screen cannot be said that both devices are something to stand out from each other and from the competition, but because of the QHD-resolution wins in this aspect Droid Turbo or its international version of Moto Maxx.

Processor – Droid Turbo vs Moto X

Processors in the devices are also different: in the Moto X installed Snapdragon 801 processor with a clock frequency of 2.5 GHz Droid Turbo – already more modern and fast Snapdragon 805 processor with a clock frequency of 2.7 GHz. With regards to memory, here, too, there are differences: in the Moto X has only 2 gigabytes of RAM, as opposed to the 64-bit 3 gigabytes Droid Turbo. Indeed, virtually all tasks Droid Turbo on speed ahead Moto X; they are both very bright, Android devices on both “flies”, but Droid Turbo is still faster. It is worth noting, again we are talking about Android, that Moto X has already received Android 5.0 Lollipop, and that’s a plus, even if we consider that the Droid Turbo in the near future will also receive the new version.

Camera – Droid Turbo vs Moto X

Droid Turbo vs Moto X

The camera also has a notable difference: in both cases it shows mediocre results, but if you do not compare with devices from other manufacturers, the Moto X built a 13-megapixel camera with an aperture of f / 2.25 – indicator is not very impressive – in turn, Droid Turbo has a 21-megapixel camera with an aperture of f / 2.0. And like all good, plus everything we have different software improvements such as smart focus, support for 4K-videos feature slow-motion, etc., we also note the double flash on the Droid Turbo and a ring on the Moto X, however, even taking into account all listed, cameras in both devices averages, and all depends on the software part – Motorola programmers are not compatible with cameras, and it shows.

RAM – Droid Turbo vs Moto X

Droid Turbo vs Moto X

Regarding the characteristics of the Moto X is losing on all fronts, but for many users, the decisive factor is not the CPU and RAM, and design. Yes, the processor is weaker, less RAM, camera devices are equally “good”, but as for the design and materials of the case, then there is clearly wins Moto X, it is the first mass smartphone, which wrapped in leather – we are not talking about premium smartphones, such like Vertu and so on. e., – although Motorola devices fully be called mass because they do not suit many. That there is a metal frame around the body, two front stereo speakers, a beautiful ring flash – all this gives the device a certain charm.

Results – Droid Turbo vs Moto X

In turn, Droid Turbo has a design “on the fan”: it is in the style of Droid-like Device Company and only geeks and fans of Motorola. Of course, it may be noted and the materials of the case: this is Kevlar, which is used in bullet-proof vests, and nylon, which is capable of withstanding the enormous temperature, it is possible to mention the protection against moisture, but is an ordinary consumer is important to all of this? Is it important to the consumer – whether he will stand smartphone penetration in fire or water? Perhaps some important, but mainstream consumers clearly do not need it all. Consumers need quality housing that feels nice in the hand and is made of expensive materials, Kojima has Moto X. Solve anyway you because maybe you are the person who needs Kevlar, which like Droid-design, which are unimportant pleasant tactile sensation, and perhaps you’re a fan of the skin, metal, beautiful design. One cannot say which is better, but objectively speaking, subject only to the technical component; the Droid Turbo wins this battle.

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