Xbox One: some problem with the TV in Europe

As is now well known to all the world of gaming newcomer from Microsoft, Xbox One , is provided on the back of an HDMI IN jack that allows us to actually connect a satellite receiver or a digital TV, in order to look TV directly from our new console.

Undoubtedly, the possibility is definitely very convenient, especially when you consider the fact that this feature can be used at any time even while we are playing with the convenient Snap Mode and that the whole can be operated via the now famous voice commands.

Unfortunately, in the last hours are spreading on the net several reports which indicate a problem with the integration of TV functionality in the European countries.

This problem of the fact that, in some cases, due to the interference and imperfections especially in fast moving scenes, is due to the conversion system framerate.

Xbox One is set to 60Hz natively, but in most European countries television broadcasts, based on the PAL and SECAM, have a frequency of 50 Hz, this means that our beloved console automatically converts the incoming signal, thereby causing some imperfections and sudden flicker

At this point we just have to wait for news from Microsoft about a possible solution.

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