Google engineers get bonus Microsoft security for vulnerabilities

A Google engineer became the first woman to win the prize winner of the Microsoft information security.

Microsoft late last month announced the launch of information security and prize competitions will be awarded up to $ 100,000 dollars (about NT $ 2,980,000 $ 7,700) to break Windows 8.1 developer of security mechanisms, while another amount of prize money will be awarded to propose different protection recommendations and identify IE11 bug developers. Now we finally received the first prize appeared developer, and he happens to be a Google engineer…

Microsoft late last month announced the bonus program during execution to the end of July, a total of 30 days. And Google engineer Ivan Fratric is obtained to identify material weaknesses IE11 bonus, up 10,000 or 1,000 dollars (about NT $ 320,000 or 8,647 dollars).

Microsoft’s senior security policy expert at the company’s web Katie Moussouris BlueHat blog, posting the first one Congratulations to the winners, but did not provide winner’s personal information. But Katie Moussouris on the 11th in a Twitter response, the congratulations of the winners of the Google employees.

Although this result is ironic, but in fact are not uncommon. Some Google engineers regularly return directly in Microsoft software security problems to the company, but there are some security holes found directly put online.

Microsoft in the past does not always hold so publicly bonus game, mostly small and limited form, this time organizing information security Microsoft is hoping to prize contest and IE11 in Windows 8.1 public beta period, the various issues to find out the fastest In like Apple, like Microsoft decided to annually update the Windows system, fast security updates will be very important.

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