Xbox One backward compatible with Xbox 360

Xbox One backward compatible with Xbox 360

As Microsoft announced today at its big conference at E3, Games of the predecessor console Xbox 360 in the future be able to run on the Xbox One. Games that have been users, do not have to buy new.

Why is it necessary for the Xbox One?

The euphoria and joy of the audience was palpable in the green-lit exhibition hall at the Xbox E3 conference after the announcement: Microsoft makes it possible in future to play games on the Xbox 360 on the Xbox One. Titles available in digital form (Addendum: Also works with disc versions, these are digitally downloaded), according to Microsoft will thereby be automatically added to the Games Library.

Xbox Elite Wireless ControllerAb autumn gets the Xbox One free backward compatibility for Xbox 360

Xbox One backward compatible with Xbox 360

As can be seen in a short live demo of the function, as popular titles such as Mass Effect on the Xbox One can be played. In addition, users have of course access to all features offered by the new generation of consoles. For example, to create a screenshot using the Kinect. Also streaming Xbox 360 games on systems running Windows 10 will be possible.

As Microsoft says, you want to make this step that Xbox players have access to the largest games library. For titles, have been acquired for the Xbox 360, players, must not be re-paid to the Xbox One. Microsoft announces that backwards compatibility will be available to all users for the Christmas season are available.

A couple of moments Xbox One

Microsoft took then also short time to introduce the new Xbox controller whose new features – such as a headphone jack – had already been made public in various leaks. The Microsoft “Wireless Elite” baptized model is characterized mainly by the fact that many items of the controller can be individually replaced and adjusted. Even the D-Pad Microsoft has missed a significantly more modern look. The controller will work with the Xbox and Windows 10 and will come to market in the fall.

Source: IGN

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