Bayonetta: a petition to bring the original episode on Wii U

I am sure that many gamers are eagerly awaiting to get their hands on Bayonetta 2 , new chapter in a saga action from the premises really interesting.

Unfortunately, only the holders of Wii U will be able to deal with the new epic. The brand was in fact acquired by Nintendo, a company that has decided to develop the whole exclusively for the console from Paddone.

Gamers who bought the game machine in the house since the Great Enne have expressed a desire to be able to have face even Bayonetta, original episode that introduced the sexiest witch, and Tamarra, the universe of video games to the world.

It ‘was then opened an ad hoc petition, called “Operation Dead Angels”, effectively requiring a Platinum Gam eg to take into account the development of Bayonetta.

Through Twitter, Hideki Kamiya said that the whole thing could be feasible, of course, if Nintendo itself will prove to be interested in porting. Bayonetta could then appear on the Wii U before the date of release of Bayonetta 2.

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