Windows 10 will be available on a flash drive

Windows 10 will be available on a flash drive

Not far off the release of the next version of the operating system Microsoft. Of course, we are talking about Windows 10, which will be released July 29.

There was a curious information on how to get the platform. The two most obvious way – buy a PC with pre-installed or updated across a network.

What is the main feature?

In addition, the “top ten” allow to buy on DVD and … On a normal flash drive with USB. With fast installation directly from a portable storage device.

Windows 10 will be available on a flash drive

This is a new experience for Microsoft Distribution Windows. That’s great – available both key wording – domestic and professional. With a choice of 32-bit and 64-bit assembly.

Act more than timely. Optical long been in vogue. Many computers are deprived of devices for reading discs. But there is a USB port anywhere.

Verdict Flash drive

It’s very easy and simple. Flash drive is inserted, the installation begins. In addition, the cost is not too different. In the US version of the starter will cost $ 124 while the price of DVD to 119 USD.

Source: Liliputing

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