Galaxy Note 4

The most innovative feature of the Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 4

Products known Korean manufacturer is often blamed for copying (about how many lawsuits against the makers of Galaxy-gadgets were filed by lawyers Apple) and lack of innovation, but it seems that the future flagship fableta Galaxy Note 4 generations, the creators have saved something special …

No, this is not the characteristics of the device is not branded “decorations” that “famous” Touch Wiz, and what undoubtedly will be delighted paranoid from all corners of the Earth.

In the twitter-account SamsungExynos article appeared as follows:

Security can be enhanced by unique features. This is our idea. What would you use?

To complete the picture attached to record the image with the slogan “Unlock the Future”:

Galaxy Note 4

Function Galaxy Note 4:

All obvious rumors retinal scanner at “galactic flagship” were not so far from the truth, only the first function of innovation receives representative of the ruler Galaxy Note 4, not S.

If the idea is adequately implemented, such a method of authenticating identity may mean a new stage in the world of ecommerce. Recall, fingerprint scanner, which is equipped with Galaxy S5, in some countries is used to confirm purchases PayPal , but security method has been questioned Internet craftsmen. In turn, the forge retinal pattern is practically impossible.

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